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San Diego Gas Lamp Quarter

Traveling to San Diego, but not quite sure where to stay? Why not choose the Gaslamp district. Located near the convention center and Seaport Village, it is the perfect place to stay. The name was established based on the old fashioned gas lamps that begin to glow as the sunsets. This area has so much to offer that include shopping, ghost tours, elegant restaurants and the perfect nightlife.


The Gaslamp district has architectural charm that is lined with nineteeth-century buildings. These buildings were moved in from other parts of San Diego, and were all restored to how they once were including their original San Diego roofing. Originally, the Gaslamp district got a slow start because most residents did not like the waterfront and wanted to be at an elevated location.  Another reason was that gamblers and prostitutes moved in, but this changed. In 1867 the area started to pick up becoming a popular spot before it started to dwindle down.  Today the Gaslamp district has become a popular spot for visitors and residents in the area and is currently defined as the areas bound by Broadway and K streets falling between Fourth and Sixth Street.


The best time to visit the Gaslamp district is at night time when it becomes alive. Former brothels and saloons are now restaurants, shops and clubs for residents to enjoy.  During the day enjoy an urban shopping experience with fine antique shops, art galleries, boutiques and specialty stores. Once the sun begins to set enjoy taking a stroll down the brick walkways as the old-fashioned gas lamps light the night. There are over fifty-two restaurants in this area, with options for just about anyone. This is the perfect nightlife spot for live performances at the theaters or dancing the night away in one of the many clubs in the area.

Ghost Tours

Looking to get a little spooky? There are quite a few different ghost tours in the Gaslamp district that will give you chills. The variety of tours that are offered bring you back to how the district originated and shows you old landmarks. The tours also go into detail about specific historical figures and how their spirits are still lingering in the Gaslamp District. These tours are perfect for adventure seekers and great for all ages. Also a great alternative if you want to be out at night but are not into the club scene.

Whether you’re looking to see the original structures and San Diego roofing of nineteenth century buildings or just want to spend a night out on the town, the Gaslight District is the perfect location for both.


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