Shanghai Tour Guide

Shanghai is an industrious capital city of China. It is also referred to as “Hu” in short. It is a well-known international modern metropolis that that connects individuals of all walks of life. Shanghai town is situated on river Yangtze and serves as the most influential cultural, financial and economic, technology, science and international trade center in eastern China. It has definitely set the pace for revolution and modernization in the country.

Attractions in China hang in between the sophistication in the urban modernization and the simplicity in their culture. Here, you can find a perfect blend of cultures ranging from traditional and modern to the western and oriental ones.


Shanghai’s weather has four different seasons; a pleasantly warm spring, a cool autumn, a hot, summer, and then a quite cold but bearable winter. Shanghai’s location along river Yangtze makes it generally wet for a 1/3 of every year.

The hottest seasons here comes in the months of July and early August, with over 15 days of temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. The coldest season comes in January and a better part of February.

What to See in Shanghai

Yuyuan Garden: It the most fascinating garden you are yet to come across. The garden is divided into six areas, each with its own unique style. The center is occupied by the Grand Rockery, the most renowned site in the garden.

The Huangpu and Bund River: The Huangpu river divides shanghai into western and eastern parts and forms a fascinating assembly of attractions of Shanghai. The Bund, located on the eastern bank of Huangpu River, forms the symbol of Shanghai

Nanjing Road: Nanjing road is thought of as the ‘Number one commercial street in China’ and has served as the landmark of Shanghai city for a very long time. It has over 600 shops closely packed on its 5.6 kilometer stretch that serves about 1.7 million each day. Here, you can purchase anything from cheap and special souvenirs to some of the luxurious and world’s famous brands.

Jade Buddha Temple: It is a very highly populates shine in this city. The temple houses creative and quite impressive portraits that you won’t find anywhere else. Most people do came here mainly to worship and burn incense but visitors are highly welcome.

Shanghai wild Animal Park: It’s located in Sanzao Town; about 14 miles from the Shanghai city center and serves as the first grade wild Zoo in the country. The park contains over 220 species of animals you can see on its 153 hectors

There are other numerous attraction sites in this beautiful Shanghai town such as the Happy Valley, Oriental Pearl Tower, Ocean Aquarium, People’s Square and the Disneyland. They are conveniently accessible from Shanghai City Center.

Infrastructure: Transportation

Shanghai has highly developed and sophisticated infrastructure which include efficient public transport network. It is well linked to other major internal towns including Xian, Beijing and Guangzhou. Trains, taxis, boats, ships and buses are the available options to choose from.

Shanghai town is also served by two international airports: The Pudong International Airport and the Honqiao International airport. This definitely makes access by visitors from all parts of the world an easy ride.

Dining and Wining

While you stay, you will be able to enjoy various Chinese Food flavors cleverly sandwiched in the famous Shanghai Cuisine. Foods come in wide variations of spices, cooking styles, tests and appearances. There are also other restaurants that offer foreign cuisines and dishes if you are not well accustomed to the Chinese dishes.

And finally…

When all is said and done, you have to kick off your shoes, lay back and relax. Shanghai has some of the most luxurious and stylish but fairly affordable accommodation, including Shanghai apartments for rent. Hotels have advanced facilities with spas, massage parlors, swimming pools and excellent room service. Some of the renowned restaurants in Shanghai town include JC Mandarin Hotel, Ramada Plaza, Grand central Hotel, Fairmont Peace Hotel and Grand Hyatt Shanghai.

Sounds like some fun place to be? One more thing: you may need to make advance bookings for some services such as river cruising, hotel reservations and flights. Feel free to explore other areas not mentioned here and you will definitely maximize your fun and excitement.

John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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