South Indian Travel

Looking to take a vacation to South India but aren’t quite sure where you should be traveling?

Let’s go over some of the best things to see and do in South India for someone who’s visiting the first time and who may have a limited amount of time to see all that this area has to offer.

Take In The Festivals

One of the main features that makes South India so unique is the multitude of festivals that are offered that you can take in and enjoy. You’ll have a wide variety of choices depending on the dates you’re visiting from religious festivals to simple harvest fairs.

Those who are looking to learn more about the culture of this region will definitely enjoy this element of their trip.

Beautiful Scenery

If you’re someone who can appreciate a nice view, you’ll also want to take in the beautiful scenery that you’ll come into in this land.

It’s full of rolling hills, double barrelled monsoons, and tropical splendour. Along with this, be sure to check out the waterways as well. This area is home to a number of rivers and lagoons that are breathing to see.

Wide Variety Of Food Choices

The next key thing to take in when you visit South India is all the different food choices that are offered. There will definitely be no shortage of festive restaurants you can dine in, each of which offers its own unique taste and pleasure.

No matter what your preference, you’ll find something here for you.

Ancient Caves

Another sight that this area is known for is its ancient caves, which are rocks that have been cut into various shapes that tower many feet high. Take a walk through these and be amazed at the formation all while seeing Buddha’s former lives in the formations.

Goa Beach

Goa’s beaches are another hot spot for those who want to travel to this region and take in all that it has to offer. These beaches will allow you the opportunity to relax after a long day, soak up the sun, and go in for a bite in one of their sarong vendors available.

This beach is always home to a number of travelors, so it’s a hot spot to devote at least a day to.

Making good use of the excellent currency exchange rates and visiting this area is a wise move, but once you have the destination set, you do need to figure out what you will do while you’re there.

So there you have some of the main sights to see if you decide to travel to South India. It’s a region that has a lot more to offer than some people realize, so it’s important to plan your trip beforehand so that you can make the most of the limited time you have to spend there.

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