Stunning Scenery on Canadian Autumn Road Trips

bruce peninsula

The Canadian autumn offers incredible colours and scenery, and a number of great road trips are a perfect way to see the best that the country has to offer. While it is true that fall means that cold winters are just around the corner, drivers have a chance to enjoy the autumn before its colours disappear into the oblivion of white snow. Here are ten of the most stunning autumn road trips in Canada.

Bruce Peninsula

Bruce Peninsula

1. Bruce Peninsula: Canada is known for its verdant forests, and fall leaves are a great way to enjoy natural fireworks. On the Bruce Peninsula, there are some trees that are over 1,000 years old. Beginning in the middle of September and lasting through October, Ontario has plenty of spectacular scenery that is easily viewed during a road trip. The Bruce Trail is also found on the peninsula and is an 800 km hiking trail.

2. Laurentian Mountains: Just north of Montreal, the stunning beauty of the Laurentian Mountains is best viewed from the road. The mountains include some of the most colourful fall foliage because of the elevation. During the Quebec autumn, the Symphony of Colours attracts locals and visitors alike. The celebration is held in Mont-Tremblant and features concerts and other activities. The Symphony of Colours is held on the weekends and lasts until the end of October.

3. Rocky Mountains: The Rocky Mountains are a great choice for road trips in Western Canada. Banff and Jasper National Park are located in Alberta and offer impressive scenery, snow-capped mountains and verdant forests. Lake Louise is another famous destination and is a glacier lake that is found within the bounds of Banff National Park.

Niagara Parkway Bridge

Niagara Parkway Bridge

4. Niagara Parkway: The Niagara Parkway is located in Ontario and has some of the greatest explosions of colours during the fall. In addition, the drive weaves between two quaint towns. Queenston and Niagara-on-the-lake are two small hamlets that serve as a picturesque backdrop for motorists enjoying the autumn scenery. The region is famous for its vineyards, and many travelers enjoy their crisp autumn afternoons with a glass of warm red from local wineries.

5. Cabot Trail: The Cabot Trail is in Nova Scotia and connects two parks. Cape Breton Highlands National Park and the Kejimkukik National Park offer incredible views of the Nova Scotia coastline, and the northern shore of Cape Breton is known for its impressive foliage in October. Stunning reds, vibrant oranges and subtle golds are among the different colours that appear in abundance, and the drive is great throughout October. Many drivers believe that the first few weeks of the month have the brightest fall foliage, but the leaves maintain their colour until the end of the month.

6. Sea-to-Sky Highway: Outside of the world-class city of Vancouver is a drive that escorts travelers among some of the most beautiful scenery of supernatural British Columbia. The Sea-to-Sky Highway winds along the rocky coast between Vancouver and Whistler, and the drive is excellent at any time of the year. During the first cold days of autumn, the mountains are usually capped with snow. Though this drive does not have the traditional colours of fall foliage, its views are as astounding as any others in the country. Blue ocean waters, verdant firs and cedars and the snow-capped Coast Mountains are some of the sights that drivers will see along British Columbia’s Sea-to-Sky Highway.

7. Peterborough-Kawarthas: In Ontario, the Peterborough Kawarthas is famous to local Toronto motorists. The Kawarthas is a small region near Peterborough and is just a short drive from Toronto. Fall drivers can enjoy great autumn colours and rural roads. In addition, Peterborough’s river is lined with a number of parks that include trees that are covered with fall colours.

8. Interlake: Manitoba is home to the Interlake region, and while the area is more famous for the Aurora Borealis, autumn drivers are sure to enjoy fall beauty. The Interlake region is just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba and includes spectacular limestone cliffs that are found along Lake Winnipeg. During the fall, there are plenty of festivals and local suppers, and these events an ideal way to end a cold autumn day.

Fundy Coastal Drive

Fundy Coastal Drive

9. Fundy Coastal Drive: New Brunswick locals have long known about the beauty of the Maritimes. The Fundy Coastal Drive winds its way through some of the most striking scenery in the world, and the colours compete with the best of New England. There is a benefit because the Fundy Coastal Drive has far fewer crowds than the States.

10. Agawa Canyon: Ontario’s Agawa Canyon is home to a train tour that allows travelers to enjoy the sights without driving. The Agawa Tour Train is headquartered in Sault Ste. Marie and departs at 8 each morning. The train winds its way north and takes in lakes, cliffs and foliage. The train returns at 5:30 in the evening and offers a full day of autumn sightseeing.


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