Sweet, Sunny Spain

 Spain has got to be one of my favourite countries in the world, and for so many different reasons. There is something there for anybody, of any age or background to enjoy. With miles and miles of golden beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters, it is not difficult to see why it is a favourite with holiday-makers. The warming sun beating down merely tops it all off! From the breath-taking scenery, to the amazing cuisine on offer and incredible nightlife, keeping yourself entertained is far from a difficult thing to do.

Cruise holidays around the Mediterranean are my personal favourites, being able to see so many places in one holiday provides an opportunity that I don’t think should be passed up on! But I must say that flying there for a week or two can be just as incredible, and you don’t even have to know much about the place to easily have a great time. Here is a pick of my favourite spots in Spain, and why I chose them.


Probably the most obvious choice, as it is a place that the majority of people have heard of, but stepping out in Barcelona really does give you an amazing feeling. When my cruise ship docked in Barcelona, I was a little overwhelmed because the port is one of the busiest in Europe, and so my surroundings were buzzing with people going about their day-to-day business or sight-seeing, but this for me just added to the buzz of Barcelona. I saw so many things including Boqueria; a delightful food market that is a treat for the senses, and Museu Picasso; with a permanent selection of beautiful artwork that even includes childhood sketches.

My personal favourite though would have to be the Palau de la Música Catalana.


 A riot of colour, Barcelona’s Music Palace is an incredible building and displays their modern architecture perfectly. The exterior is beautiful, but nothing in comparison to the interior of course.

That said though, Barcelona is the typical tourist paradise, with all of these wonderful sights to see, on top of ample shopping opportunities and beautiful golden sands to be enjoyed while you soak up the sun.


Another beautiful place and another that I saw first as a port of call on my Mediterranean cruise. In many ways, some of the buildings and sites are similar to those of Barcelona, but Valencia really does earn credit in its own right.

When shopping it is clear to see that shoes and other leather goods are among Valencia’s main products, and plenty of beautiful hand made products to be bought. Olives and olive oils are also of high quality and so lovers of gourmet food will be well in their element.

After shopping, a few hours on the beach are a must and the views truly are stunning. The sea is so clear and in my mind was just how I imagined the perfect Mediterranean holiday would be. If I had to recommend just one place to visit for people travelling to Valencia, it would have to be the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. The futuristic complex inspired curiosity in me and I just had to go – fascinating would be an understatement! Including a planetarium and other wondrous scientific things, it is a great day out for adults and children alike. Afterwards, a spot of dinner In La Riuà must be done. This local secret serves an array of delicious Spanish food, the service is great and the décor is fitting.

Personally, I do not think I will ever lose the love that I have found for this beautiful country.

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