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Why Leaving On A Jet Plane Without Insurance Is Foolish

With the holiday season in full swing most of you will be planning and packing.  Getting ready for your holiday is part of the fun.  What will you take? Can you fit it all in your suitcase? And then there

How to Travel on a Tight Budget

Travelling nowadays can be difficult to do no matter who you are, given the rut of an economy that we’re in. There are ways, though, to enjoy travelling wherever you want to go – and do it cheaply! Below are

Ski holidays on a budget

There is a general and collective groan when it comes to talking about skiing holidays: “They are expensive.” Many of us just accept that we will blow around £1,000 for a week of skiing in Europe but if you’re a

10 Best Sights of Barcelona

La Rambla, Barcelona

Barcelona is the busiest and most multi-ethnic city in Spain. All-year long, its beaches, bars, clubs, and restaurants are always teeming with both tourists and locals. From interesting art, tasty cuisines, and breathtaking sights, Barcelona has so many things in

Road Trip Tips!

If you are planning on going on a road trip soon, then there are some things which you need to plan ahead for! You need to ensure that your car is in order to drive and that you have everything

Kitted Out For Skiing?


The darker evenings are closing in and autumn’s just around the corner. Before you know it the dead of winter will be setting in and whilst many of us here in the UK will be taking the opportunity to escape

What to Know Before You Go Skiing

When the snow hits, there is nothing more fun than going on the slopes. However, there are too many people who rush on out and don’t know all the things that they are going to need to know. Knowing the

Five Health Tips for a Relaxing Flight Experience

Some people despise traveling by air because of the rumored inconveniences it brings. Sadly, there are many remedies that can easily be done for you not to experience most of it. You just need a few pieces of advice from

Hiking Tips in a Foreign Country

Hiking in Norway

The one thing that many love to do in a foreign country is to do a little hiking. There are many places to do so. This not only delivers exercise, but it allows you to be one with nature. Many

Why Asia is a Must Visit

Culture in Asia

Are you planning your next out of the country vacation? Why not try a country from Asia. It is the perfect time to hit the east. I know that you are used to seeing tall buildings and offices. Well, in