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Laidback Moments at Best Beaches in Australia

With lots of bests to its credit, the country and island of Australia seems to be a destination made for tourism only. And if it sounds exaggeration, then do visit this land blessed with best natural scenery, the most interesting

The Benefits Of Reading Melbourne Travel Guide Prior To Your Melbourne Tour

It is good to visit different places of the world for you to see different wonders of the world. For you to break monotony of staying in one place you may decide during your holiday to visit Melbourne in Australia.

Top ten things to see and do in Melbourne

Visiting Melbourne can be the experience of a lifetime. There is a lot to do and see in this vibrant city and here are ten of the top attractions in Melbourne that no visitor should miss. Queen Victoria Market The

Travelling to New Zealand on a working holiday visa

If you are looking for a break overseas, but you are looking to supplement your income at the same time, then a working holiday visa could be just what you are looking for, and New Zealand can be a great

Great Australian Road Trips: From Darwin To Townsville

Darwin offers a multi-cultural experience to its visitors, combined with fun events and exciting wildlife experiences. It is quite a small city with lots of places to move around. Travelling from Darwin to Townsville, one should head out through the

Weirdest Hotels In The World

What we look for in a hotel varies from person to person and indeed from trip to trip. Sometimes we want to experience life in the lap of luxury while other times we prefer a budget room that we can

Five Amazing Tips For Finding Your Honeymoon Destination

After months of planning your wedding, you surely deserve an amazing break. This is what honeymoons are for. Aside form giving the newlyweds an amazing time to spend together, it also offers the chance to take a break from the

Romantic Ideas in Europe

Whether you’re a young couple on a getting to know stage, newlyweds on a honeymoon, or just refueling the fire on a 10th anniversary, there’s a place for you in the romance capital of the world. Europe is a picturesque

The Five Best-Kept Secret Holiday Destinations in Australia


Venturing off the beaten path can provide surprising rewards for travellers to Australia. This intriguing continent offers a number of hidden treasures that can challenge, delight and educate visitors to this exotic and fascinating land. Here are five secret holiday

Australia: home to some big things

You’ve heard of the Big Merino, the Big Banana, and maybe the Big Prawn, but what about the Big Beer Can, or the Big Bicycle? We take a look at Australia’s big things. Australia: home to some big things When