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Top Long Haul Destinations on a Budget


Whilst travelling long haul can be uncomfortable, people continue to do it every year because it opens up far corners of the world in a matter of hours. What stops more people from going on long haul holidays is the

4 Basic Tips to Find a Cheaper Flight

Everywhere in the world, people feel the crisis that grip over their country’s economy. Most of the tourism industry around the world is either slowing down or becoming stagnant. Some of our favorite distant shores are suffering greatly as the

How to fly with Children

Navigating the hallways. By Scott & Elaine van der Chijs (Flickr)

We’ve all been there … boarding a plane, getting ready to jet-set and meet up with family. Then, just as you settle in and the plane lifts off, that sense of serenity vanishes as a sweet child suddenly starts bawling

Travel Options in France

Travel in France

France is one of the largest countries in Europe. It is larger than the US state of Texas but offers more landscape options. Home of the picturesque Eiffel Tower, the best way to tour the country is by booking a

Five Health Tips for a Relaxing Flight Experience

Some people despise traveling by air because of the rumored inconveniences it brings. Sadly, there are many remedies that can easily be done for you not to experience most of it. You just need a few pieces of advice from