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The Top 4 Towns for Family Vacations

Best way to spend memorable time with your family is to go for a family vacation. However, when it comes to deciding the place you want to visit, it usually gets difficult to find a vacation destination that would please

Come Explore The Beaches Of Palm Coast, Florida!

Palm Coast is located in northeast Florida, between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. Many people choose to live in this quieter community, with smaller crowds and the benefit of the beautiful (and uncrowded!) Palm Coast and Flagler County beaches. As

Top tips for travelling to Disney World Florida

Walt Disney World in Florida is a once in a lifetime location that often becomes a family’s’ most memorable holiday destination! Travelling to Walt Disney World from the UK is not one of the cheapest holidays but there are ways

Top Extreme Sport Destinations For The Adrenaline Seeking Traveler

Everyone looks forward to taking their vacations. Many are looking to get away from work and relax for a week or two. Maybe lay by the beach for a few days, get couples rounds of golf in, or simply do

Visiting the Sunshine State


The sunshine state of Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Thousands of people travel to Florida each year to take advantage of the sunshine on its white sandy shore, natural sightseeing and other

A Florida Vacation Off the Beaten Path

The Pier at Clearwater

When it comes to vacationing in Florida, many are concerned about the crowds and the expense of staying there. However, by taking a Clearwater vacation you will be saving yourself money and losing the crowds of other destination and trading