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The 5 cities you must visit before you die

A wise person once said, once a year, visit a place you have never been before. Explore the world to get some perspective, and unwind to find inner peace. To help you get some inspiration, this list puts together the

Japan Vacations: 8 Tips on Where to Go and What to See

Mount Fuji

Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun. It has thousands of years of rich history. More and more Westerners have a growing fascination for all-things Japanese: anime, manga, geisha, mythology, samurai, etc. Tokyo is the largest city in the

Osaka a fun-loving young city of Japan

Byodo-In Temple

The third largest city of Japan is located in Kansai region of Honshu Island and is situated next to Yodo River alongside Osaka Bay and is divided into two main areas, the northern Kita region and in the south, the

Top Extreme Sport Destinations For The Adrenaline Seeking Traveler

Everyone looks forward to taking their vacations. Many are looking to get away from work and relax for a week or two. Maybe lay by the beach for a few days, get couples rounds of golf in, or simply do

Top 5 Reasons to Take a Holiday in Japan

Visiting Japan Although the tourism scene in Japan suffered last year in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the east of the country, it has since picked back up and has restored itself to something approaching

The Adventure of a Lifetime: Japan, Skiing and You


Sick of the constant go to work, go home, sleep and repeat cycle? Well, now is the time to push away those blues and head on an adventure of a lifetime. No, I am not talking about your typical sunny