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Things to See and Do in New Zealand

New Zealand, being an island country offers wide array of natural beauty and amazing locations for the travel enthusiasts. Breath taking views of lovely landscapes, rich cultures, multi-ethnic cities and heart-stirring activities of New Zealand makes it a perfect awe-inspiring

Travelling to New Zealand on a working holiday visa

If you are looking for a break overseas, but you are looking to supplement your income at the same time, then a working holiday visa could be just what you are looking for, and New Zealand can be a great

Romantic Ideas in Europe

Whether you’re a young couple on a getting to know stage, newlyweds on a honeymoon, or just refueling the fire on a 10th anniversary, there’s a place for you in the romance capital of the world. Europe is a picturesque

Top 5 Thrill Seeker Destinations

Thrill seekers are ever on the lookout for the best and most spectacular of locations for new and exciting adventures. Indeed, extreme sports tourism is more prevalent than ever. Every year millions of thrill seekers set off around the globe

Top adrenalin soaked destinations in the world

Bungee Jumper

If lazing on a beach all day long isn’t your idea of a holiday and you crave an adrenalin rush every now and again – then why not book your next vacation in one of the World’s most adrenaline soaked