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The 5 cities you must visit before you die

A wise person once said, once a year, visit a place you have never been before. Explore the world to get some perspective, and unwind to find inner peace. To help you get some inspiration, this list puts together the

A Rome tour to discover a city with a thousand faces

Rome Castelli Romani

Rome is no doubt one of the most appreciated tourist destinations, definitely one of the few world’s cities that can enchant visitors. The Italian capital could rightly boast to be one of the most visited places in the entire world,

Rome Travel Guide For The First Time Visitor

Rome, Italy’s Eternal City  –  rich  in history, famed for its adventurous culture and  conquering spirit. There is so much to see and absorb for first time visitors, that a  Rome travel guide is necessary to be introduced to the

Europe Travel Guide – Get an Idea before You Visit

A lot of people go to Europe, but what for? Don’t worry because you no longer have to wonder for long. Today we’re going to give you a bunch of interesting things that you can do while you’re in that

Things to do in Rome


Rome, the capital of Italy and well known hot-spot with many tourists, is an intoxicating blend of masterpieces in both the artistic and architectural worlds. The perfect city is also home to many classical ruins and extravagant churches and piazzas

Top five things to do in Rome

Rome is a beautiful city, bursting with culture, activities and striking sites. The atmosphere is a mixture of the relaxed locals going about their daily business and the excited tourists eagerly feasting their eyes on the stunning reminders of the Roman Empire. Between the delicious

Beneath The Surface of Rome


It’s difficult to think of anywhere else in the world that has similar attractions to the eternal city of Rome. From the ancient ruins of the Coliseum, the Forum and the Pantheon, to the Spanish steps and the Trevi fountain