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Top 5 Things to Do in Split

Split, Croatia

A sparkling gem on the Dalmatian coastline, Split is one of Croatia’s very best assets. Enjoying a hot Mediterranean climate and a laid back atmosphere to match, a trip to Split will not disappoint. Here you will find history-steeped streets,

Sun it up in St Tropez

St Tropez by spencer77, on Flickr

What would you associate as the perfect holiday? Skiing and snowboarding in the Alps? Adventure holidays with snorkelling and other amazing activities? Or a luxury cruise holiday around the Caribbean? Obviously, it’s all down to personal taste, but it goes

5 Reasons to Take a Holiday in the Maldives

The Maldives is easy to miss on a world map, but should never be missed by anyone looking for the ultimate beach holiday. It is a tiny archipelago in the Indian Ocean made up of 1,192 coral islands that are

10 Best Sights of Barcelona

La Rambla, Barcelona

Barcelona is the busiest and most multi-ethnic city in Spain. All-year long, its beaches, bars, clubs, and restaurants are always teeming with both tourists and locals. From interesting art, tasty cuisines, and breathtaking sights, Barcelona has so many things in

Top 6 Wonders of the World of Orlando


There are abundant activities throughout Orlando, but Walt Disney is the motherland of 6 spectacular marvels in Orlando.The Magic Kingdom boasts the infamous Cinderella Castle and encompasses countless realms where make-believe can grow into reality. Epcot encourages ingenuity and inventiveness by means

Top 12 things to do in the Caribbean

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Travelling to the Caribbean is on most people’s wish list. Caribbean cruises are the best way to arrive as loads of expeditions and shore excursions are included or can be booked by the cruise company meaning that you have less

Selecting the Best San Diego Destination

San Diego Gas Lamp Quarter

Traveling to San Diego, but not quite sure where to stay? Why not choose the Gaslamp district. Located near the convention center and Seaport Village, it is the perfect place to stay. The name was established based on the old

Visiting France’s Forgotten Roman Ruins

Notre Dame I (REIMS/CATHEDRAL) by Chi King, on Flickr

The history of Roman Gaul is written in stone all across modern France. Most travellers are familiar with the more famous sites, such as the impressive amphitheatres at Lyon and Arles, or the magnificently preserved Roman temple known as La

Travellers Guide to Dubai

Dubai Nights

Most people might not be able to point to it on a map, but Dubai is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination. It is a country that combines cutting-edge modernity with a uniquely Arab past. One of the seven emirates

Tips on Visiting Salem, Massachusetts

Salem Skylline

If you have ever heard of Salem, you know it has an interesting past. Salem is well known for the witch hunt that occurred in the 1690’s. Many people flock to Salem, Massachusetts every year to see recreations of the