Take Your Pick: 3 of Dalamans best resorts


Dalaman is one of the most popular regions of Turkey but unbeknownst to many, it isn’t actually located on the coast. The city itself is located slightly inland and whilst you will land here, you will most likely pick up Dalaman Airport car hire and head straight off to one of the gorgeous seaside resorts nearby! I don’t blame you…Dalaman has little going on in the city itself and you’d have to really hate the beach to resist the lure of the gorgeous Mediterranean which laps upon the beaches nearby. You’ve got a fine selection of holiday resorts to choose from so take your pick; here’s a guide to 3 of Dalaman’s best resorts!


A busy and bustling town with plenty of international influence, Fethiye is a great option as a base for your trip to Turkey. It is located around an hour’s drive from the airport so you’ll be there in relatively no time at all. The beaches will probably be the main setting for your time here and they don’t disappoint; sandy shores and great facilities, not to mention temperatures in the region of 30-40°C during the summer mean you can’t really go wrong.  There are also plenty of water sports to enjoy! Away from the beaches, the marina will win your heart; it has a great atmosphere, a healthy smattering of bars, restaurants and clubs vying for your attention all enveloped within a pretty setting. If you’re in town on a Thursday, the market is a must and people from neighbouring resorts often travel here, so it’s good for people watching and shopping!

Olu Deniz

Slightly quieter in comparison to Fethiye and located a little further east, Olu Deniz is most famous for its beautiful Blue Lagoon. It’s often nicknamed the Dead Sea because it is so calm and is a protected nature reserve. That goes someway to vouching for its beauty but it doesn’t mean you can’t swim here; it’s still treated like a beach and makes for a gorgeous setting to enjoy the unfaltering summer sunshine. Fun activities in this resort include paragliding from nearby Mount Babadağ with fabulous views of the lagoon as well as the surrounding mountains and valleys. Back on the ground, there are plenty of shops along with bars and restaurants to keep you well fed and watered and overall it’s a fantastic, relaxing destination!


The population of this coastal town increases by close to 100% during the summer months, so if you are after a destination with excellent nightlife, you don’t need to look any further. It’s got the best reputation anywhere in Turkey with some awesome bars and clubs to experience. During the day the beaches do not disappoint…the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and fine sandy beaches (mostly shipped in to replace the natural black sand) are an ideal summer playground. It’s quite a lot further and will take you around 1 hour 40 minutes to travel from the airport but well worth it for the fun loving vibe. That said; don’t disregard it as a family destination with a number of activities on offer including boat trips, historic sites such as Marmaris Castle, water parks and plenty more. So, whatever your age, Marmaris has something for everyone.

So with such a selection of great resorts on offer near Dalaman, the hardest part will be choosing which resorts will float your boat on your holiday in the area; take your pick!

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