The 5 magical lands of Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Castle

If you’re one of the thousands of people who loved the small world and Disney magic sure you’ve been or who you thought going to the amusement park of Disneyland Paris. ┬áLocated just a few hours of Spain is one of the places you definitely have to visit either with your children, your partner or with a group of friends.

Settle into one of the Hotels in Disneyland Paris where you walked besides going to the park enjoy breakfast with your favorite characters or make pictures with them on the premises of the hotel. This way you can complete the enjoyment and experience the magic of Disney World during the days you choose to spend in the park. In addition, for each hotel park you will find information about attractions, special passes for not performing tail park attractions and park planes which explains what can be found in each of the five land which is structured.

Main Street USA: This is the main entrance to the park where you can enjoy the views of a small town in 1900 and where you can buy all sorts of memories of the park, from stuffed animals with your favorite Disney characters to costumes and decorations or games Household Disney motif. Not only that but you can also enjoy a carriage ride or take a walk to the park on the train climbed Disneyland Railroad.

Fantasyland: Here you can relive the magic of stories Disney like when you were little and introduce you to the castle of Sleeping Beauty, or get on attractions as well known as “it’s a small world”, “Peter Pan’s Flight” where you fly over London and visit the same places as Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell as the Neverland boarded the pirate ship of Captain Hook. Other attractions that you will find here are the White and the Seven Dwarfs or the maze of Alice in Wonderland.

Frontierland: Here you can enjoy a walk in the Wild West while you get on roller coasters such as “Big Thunder Mountain”, enjoy the “Villa of Pocahontas”, enter the castle of terror “Phantom Manor” or enjoy a cruise on a paddle steamer in the Far West aboard the “Mark Twain” or “Molly Brown”.

Adventureland: This area of the park can enjoy exciting adventures of pirates or climb trees with Robinson or if you prefer you can run the same risks as Indiana Jones in the Tempo Perdido. But if this were not enough, what better than being the star of a pirate adventure with Pirates of the Caribbean?

Discoveryland: Here you can travel to space command and Buzz Lightyear enjoy roller coasters as “Space Mountain: Mission 2” drive cars on the highways of Disney or enjoy the “Lighter Laser Blast Buzz” where you can travel on a ship Buzz Lightyear with space to save the world from the evil Zurg.
As you see in Disneyland Paris you will find attractions and fun for the whole family while enjoying a world of magic and fantasy with Disney characters such as Beauty and the Beast, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy together. And do not forget that every day thousands are riding and scenarios which you can enjoy with all these Disney characters while singing their favorite songs and dance along with them.
Do not hesitate and plunge into an unparalleled world through the magic of Disney.

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