The Beautiful Psarou Beach In The Island Mykonos

Psarou Beach

Psarou Beach in Mykonos is a beautiful and idyllic beach, quiet and long, just right for a restful summer vacation. The beach, just 5 kilometres from the city’s capitol, is known for attracting famous celebrities to its beautiful crystal bluish waters as well as thousands of eager tourists every holiday season.

Available Activities

There is scuba diving offered at Psarou Beach, as well as paddle boarding and wind surfing. The scuba diving is offered just up the beach at the Mykonos Diving Centre, with package deals for newcomers and seasoned divers alike. For those qualified divers who know what they are doing, there is a Scuba Safari available that explores nearby wreckages and caverns.

Local Food and Services

Nammo’s Bar offers beachside service for those beach-goers who want to lounge along the water as well as inside dining. There is a good range of food, including sushi and traditional Greek food, and cool drinks. It features comfortable lounges and sofas.

Shopping in the Area

This beach has bus rides available to take you further into Mykonos town, but has not shopping centers itself. This gives it a calmer feel, where you can just rest, swim, drink and soak up the sun without a lot of clamor and rush. Reportedly, you can purchase beach balls and other such things at the back of the café.


The bus service from Mykonos town takes you to about 100 meters from the beach and runs all day long. If you are renting a car and can drive there, parking is available. Walking along the beachfront is a pleasurable pursuit of time and can offer you its beautiful views of the ocean and wildlife. The sun is warm and striking, the water calm and blue and the company pleasant and calm.

Psarou Beach Accommodations

The accommodations of Psarou Beach range from small hotels, studios and apartments for rent. These are small and cozy rooms for rent that will give you a modicum of privacy but enough interaction with other beach-goers to make the experience interesting and social.

Psarou is a very beautiful and idyllic place that will draw you in and make you loathe leaving at the end of your stay. And who knows, you may even catch sight of a famous face or two. The waters beckon, the sun smiles and Nammo’s serves your food and drinks with elegance and grace.

Jay Peters works at a Mykonos Luxury Hotel and seeks to give quality advice to tourists in Greece. His personal favorite beach on the island of Mykonos is Psarou Beach.

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