New York – The Big (Juicy) Apple


New York: The city that never sleeps. This I found to be particularly true to the areas around Times Square, even some of the shops are open until around 11pm! Perhaps one of the more well-known American cities, New York is extremely popular with holiday makers worldwide, and when I paid it a visit, I certainly would not argue the fact that it is probably one of the greatest cities on the planet, and anything I say will not do it justice – this truly is a place that you must go and see for yourself! Apart from the most obvious attraction – the State of Liberty – there is more than enough in NYC for any person to see in a few days.

Starting with Central Park, there are more than enough tourist attractions in New York to keep you on your toes. Made all the more popular by the even more popular TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Central Park is a natural bliss that stretches across 843 acres, featuring tranquil lakes, winding footpaths and open fields. If you are an animal lover (much like myself) then the zoo is definitely worth paying a visit to. The place can also boast one of the lowest crime rates in the entire city and is a beautiful place to be.


Museums are also in vast supply across the American city. Firstly, there is the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the colossal building is more than enough to keep you busy – and the time you spend in there will pass you by much more quickly than you realise. There are around 3 million works of art within the building, and so choosing what to see is the hardest part, as exploring the whole thing would take days. The Met is truly a worthwhile visit, though, and a must for art lovers. Several other museums that may be worth paying a visit to include the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Jewish Heritage.

Then there’s the complete opposite of peaceful – the shopping! Almost any major store from nearly every designer on the planet can be found in Manhattan, and it is possible to quite literally shop until you drop. The more high-end stores, for those with a more lenient budget tend to be located along Madison Avenue, and also Fifth Avenue – and you probably recognise it more for Saks than anything else.

Soho is the place that is more for quirky individual boutiques, especially if your budget is a little more restricted, and then there’s Chinatown with knockoff designer items and plenty of places to lunch. Either way, it is always going to be possible to indulge in retail therapy to the max while you are in New York City.

After all of the shop until you drop action, taking the time to pay a visit to a Broadway show is definitely something worthwhile. Scoring tickets to go is fairly easy – unless you are after the popular ones, and then it may become a bit of a challenge. Securing seats for many Broadway shows these days though can prove to be very expensive, and could even set you back as much as $140, so a healthy budget really will help you to make the most of New York.

That really is my idea of bliss.

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