The Five Best-Kept Secret Holiday Destinations in Australia


Venturing off the beaten path can provide surprising rewards for travellers to Australia. This intriguing continent offers a number of hidden treasures that can challenge, delight and educate visitors to this exotic and fascinating land. Here are five secret holiday destinations sure to delight guests in the land down under.

Cradle Mountain
Nestled in the heart of an extensive nature park, Cradle Mountain is one of the tallest peaks in Tasmania and offers spectacular views from its summit at 1,545 meters above sea level. From this lofty perch, travellers can look down on the crystalline waters of Dove Lake or its smaller companion, Crater Lake. Visitors should allow at least seven hours to make the climb up and back from the summit; however, lower vantage points are also available for less ambitious climbers. While in the area, guests can stay at one of the local travel lodges in this unspoiled natural refuge.

Byron Bay
Situated on the northern coast of New South Wales and located at the most easterly point of the Australian continent, Byron Bay offers a relaxing alternative to the crowded beaches of the Gold Coast and the rugged appeal of the untamed outback. Byron Bay is rightly famous for its numerous regional markets; these local institutions offer an eclectic array of goods for sale and are not to be missed by travellers staying in the region. The beaches of Cape Byron are equally famous for their warm, white sands and deep blue ocean vistas, making this an ideal place to kick back and enjoy life for a while.

Blue Mountains
One of the most unusual and memorable attractions in Australia can be found in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, which boasts the steepest incline railway journey in the world. The Scenic Railway features a sharp 52-degree incline, descending to the rain forest floor in something less than 10 minutes. Upon arrival, visitors can explore the unspoiled tropical setting and experience the wonders of the Jurassic rain forest environment, allowing them to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Darwin Crocodile Park
For the truly adventurous, the Darwin Crocodile Park offers visitors the chance to swim with crocodiles, learn more about these majestic creatures and even feed and pet smaller crocs in a safe, controlled environment. Travellers can enter the Cage of Death for an up-close look at these large predators. More sedate visitors can enjoy the 200,000-liter aquarium and its freshwater fish inhabitants. The Darwin Crocodile Park is also home to the largest display of Australian reptiles in the world, making it an educational experience for all ages.

Parliament House in Canberra
The capital city and centre of government activity for all of Australia, Canberra is a cosmopolitan locale that is often overlooked by travellers to this part of the world. Open to visitors every day of the year except Christmas, Parliament House is a stunning architectural achievement and offers a firsthand look at the business of governance as practiced in Australia. Exhibits, conferences and other educational opportunities are available throughout the year and offer even more insight into the running of the nation.

These secret holiday destinations offer something special for travellers willing to step outside the everyday routine and experience Australia differently. From chills and thrills to the pomp and circumstance of government functions, these hidden treasures offer something to delight and excite visitors to this beautiful and exotic part of the world.

Written by Matt who is an Australian travel blogger. He writes on behalf of Australia Post and he recommends that you compare travel insurance quotes before going on holiday. Visit Australia’s official tourism website on

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