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Rome, the capital of Italy and well known hot-spot with many tourists, is an intoxicating blend of masterpieces in both the artistic and architectural worlds. The perfect city is also home to many classical ruins and extravagant churches and piazzas – your camera is a must-pack!

Whether you see Rome as a port of call on your cruise itinerary, while you’re backpacking around Europe or even as a romantic city break for two, you will not be short of things to do and incredible buildings to see during your visit. The city’s deep, 2,700 year old history is on display wherever you turn, and the eras of Rome from Ancient to modern all truly are fascinating.

So, what to do when in Rome? Well, the obvious answer is to do as the Romans do, but this city is a sightseer’s paradise. The first and most obvious place to pay a visit to is the Colosseo (Colosseum). This is the most spectacular and breath-taking place to look into what was Ancient Rome, originally used back then for a sports arena. It was designed to hold in excess of 50,000 spectators for many gladiator and animal combats, and is huge – with an impressive circumference of 573 yards. It truly is a remarkable place.

Then, there is the Piazza Navona; a place where everything that makes Rome unique and one of a kind, all compressed into one, truly beautiful place. It features antiques, three stunning fountains and beautiful, detailed sculptures. There is even a magnificent church. The best thing that I found about visiting this amazing place though was the buzz of people around who had all come for the same reason as me – to capture some amazing memories, both in their minds and on film. Strolling around taking it all in gives you such a warm buzz.
Finally in the way of sight-seeing, I believe that the Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain) is well worth taking your camera with you to see. It almost comes alive with the marble sea creatures and rushing waters, and is easily one of the most exciting sights in the entire city. What makes it better? Most of the proceeds from coins tossed in by tourists are given to charity.

Then there’s the shopping! Italian style is literally everywhere you go in Rome, with beautiful clothing and accessories made by all the most famous names. Delicate fabrics, arty things and edibles, including exquisite wines and sweet biscotti are also readily available. So, from your typical shopping centres and department stalls to upmarket, cute and quirky individual boutiques, shopping in Rome really is the best in the world. (Well, at least one of the best!)

Piazza Navona

When you’re done with seeing these and the many other sites and historic buildings that Rome has to offer though, stopping off for a bite to eat, and sampling some traditional Italian food is a must! From Alle Fratte, a great Italian menu served by trusted and polite waiters, as well as the boisterous owner will really make you feel at home while you sample a delicious dish or two. If you prefer to ‘people-watch’ though, the classic Dal Bolognese is equally as impressive, serving delicious pastas and meat dishes, and a convenient shopping spree lunch spot, ideal for watching others pass by.

Rome – you cannot beat it. It is one of the best and most culture and history rich cities in Europe, and no matter how long you spend there, it is sure to leave you wanting more.

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