Things to do on a Holiday in Mauritius

A holiday in Mauritius brings up images of beautiful white sandy beaches, sparkling oceans and relaxing around the private pool. Of course all of this is reality on a holiday in Mauritius, but there are also lots of great attractions and activities which make Mauritius a really special holiday destination. Here is a guide of fun things to do whilst on holiday in Mauritius.

Water sports

With such incredible beaches and glistening oceans, it is best to make the most of them and what better way than with some action packed water sports. Of course Mauritius has all the usual ones, water-skiing, snorkelling, kayaking, diving, parasailing, windsurfing and kite-surfing, however it is the more modern and unusual ones that are the most interesting and that at the moment, are unique to Mauritius. The Subscooter, for example is a cross between a submarine and a scooter! Used for underwater cruising, through waters up to three meters deep, the Subscooter allows you to ride underwater for thirty minutes with your head covered by a waterproof bubble. Another advancement in the water sports market which is available in Mauritius are underwater guided walks. With the new Aqua+ helmet, which incorporates special apparatus that allows underwater breathing, you can walk around the coral reefs and even feed schools of fish from your hand. The underwater walk is a great alternative for families with children who are too young for diving


Mauritius is a wonderful place if you enjoy hiking, with mountainous summits and green valleys and breath taking views. Author Mark Twain once said of Mauritius that “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius”, and the best way to experience the beautiful surroundings is by taking a hike. Some of the best hiking locations are the Black River Gorges National Park, where you can witness the incredible rare flora and fauna and wildlife, or some of the many summits such as Le Pouce and the Black River Peak. There are ways to make a hike in Mauritius a bit more exciting, such as trekking with zip lines, river trekking or mountain biking.

Days Out

There are also lots of places to visit which will take up the whole day, for example the Giant Tortoises park on Rodrigues Island, where you can interact with Giant Tortoises and explore some of the caves around the Island. The National Botanical Gardens in Port Louis which have over 650 varieties of plants, The Water Park in East Mauritius, which has rides, pools and Jacuzzis to keep children and adults entertained, or the interaction with Lions and Cheetahs experience where you can stroke and walk with these incredible animals. To find out more about what days out are available, purchase a guidebook before your holiday or ask in your chosen resort or hotel for information.
With so much to do in Mauritius, families, couples or friends on holiday will all have an amazing action packed time. After experiencing so much, you will want a day relaxing on the beach or by the pool just to get your energy back. For more information about a holiday in Mauritius, please visit the Orbital Travel website

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