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If you have ever heard of Salem, you know it has an interesting past. Salem is well known for the witch hunt that occurred in the 1690’s. Many people flock to Salem, Massachusetts every year to see recreations of the witch hunts and trials. If you are someone who has long been interested in Salem’s past, you may have been wanting to vacation there for quite some time. Salem is a great place to go year round. If you have vacation time coming, why not take advantage of it and visit this summer? You will find that there are less tourists during the summer and you will be able to see everything that Salem, Massachusetts has to offer.

The Bewitching Attractions in Salem

House of the Seven Gables

House of the Seven Gables

Salem, Massachusetts has so many things to see. The great thing about Salem is that it is only 16 miles away from Boston. There is so much American history in Salem as well which makes it a great place to take the kids. Chances are, your children may have learned about Salem in school and they may have even  read The Crucible, which tells a story about the witch hunts and trials in Salem. There are many Wicca shops located in Salem that appeal to the younger generations as well. There are plenty of museums and historical houses that you can visit, too. First, when you are in  Salem, you will want to visit The House of Seven Gables. There are secret staircases to be seen and many wonderful antiques. You will definitely want to visit the Salem Witch Museum as well. It is said to be Salem’s most visited museum! There are three distinct parts of the museum and visitors will see a thirteen part recreation of the events before and after the trials.  There is also a large gift shop. The Witch House is a place you definitely will want to see, as it is the only standing structure that is directly related to the witch trials of 1692. It was the home of the judge, Jonathan Corwin, who presided over the trials.

Other Attractions

If you are not really into all the witchy stuff that Salem has to offer, there are plenty of other things you can do and see as well. You could visit the wharf so you can see the boats and the lighthouse. You could also go to the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall. There is so much to do and see on this street!

Salem, Massachusetts is a very popular place to visit and there is something to do year round. Whether you decide to go for a visit in the summer or even in the fall towards Halloween, you will see that Salem is a popular tourist destination. You can learn about Salem’s wicked past and tour some of the great museums. Whatever you do in Salem, you are bound to have a great time. What else can be said? Salem will bewitch you with its historical charm!

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