Top 12 things to do in the Caribbean

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Travelling to the Caribbean is on most people’s wish list. Caribbean cruises are the best way to arrive as loads of expeditions and shore excursions are included or can be booked by the cruise company meaning that you have less to worry about when you get there and that you can plan out your days. The Caribbean is one of the planet’s most scenic and plentiful sub-tropic regions; this is what makes it such an ideal destination for relaxation and adventure.

12 Kayak Adventure on the Bioluminescent Bay.

This is a sparkling and glistening bay in Puerto Rico, is sparkles due to the florescent plankton lighting up the water, the best way to experience and to see this amazing, exotic water feature would be to be by kayak.

11 Inner Tubing Down the Great River.

The rushing rapids of the Great River of Jamaica, with stunning natural fauna and flora you can see for yourself while on an exciting tubing safari. This is located in Montego Bay.

10 Aerial Trams in St Lucia

One of the best ways to explore St Lucia, by zip line. This is an absolute adventure and it starts with a gondola ride and then a hike through the rainforest, and then you go on an aerial thrill ride over the canopy.

9 Snorkelling in the Bahamas

Most people actually travel to the Caribbean to take advantage of the underwater world, and a great way to experience it at its best is to go underwater and explore, If you have no experience in scuba diving or simply would just like to experience the exploration from the top of the water, this way to can swim in the famous reefs with sharks and other marine life.

8 Underwater Cruise.

Sticking to the underwater world, if you would like to experience and explore the marine life in the Caribbean but don’t want to get wet, no gear, you can take an private submarine, and enjoy and underwater cruise, with this you get to see the coral gardens of the Bahamas and see al that is the glory of its colourful and vast underwater life.

7 Swim with Dolphins

You can dance and play with one of the oceans most fascinating creatures at Ocean World in Puerto Plata, this is an experience like no other and is an unforgettable snorkelling adventure.

6 Zip Wiring in Puerto Rico

Some of the most thrilling ways to travel can be with Eco-adventures, on the ZipLine canopy eco-adventure from San Juan, with this you go right into the heart of Puert Rico’s forest for a fun filed day of high flying zip lining. You can enjoy the forest with a variety of zip-lines and a suspension bridge.

5 Zip Line in Jamaica

Keeping with the flying theme, you may also be interested that there is a Canopy tour of Jamaica, you will get to soar 45 ft (14 metres) above the ground in the jungle, but don’t worry you wont be expected to know what to do or where to go , so certified guides will take you on 9 traverses and nature walks.

4 Shopaholics.

For all you shopaholics out there, you should defiantly take a visit to the shoppers paradise of Jamaica, Ocho Rios, this is also one of its most alluring cities. With this tour you can shop until you drop and then hit the gorgeous Dunns river falls, this is a sight for sore eyes as it is known for its 600 ft (180 meters) plunge into the sea.

3 Bacardi Tour

I know that most people know what Bacardi is, so now its time to see how the Caribbean delight gets made. This is in Old San Juan, within the cobblestone streets there is the Rum Distillery, you can visit this before or after you see the colonial architecture, either way you cannot miss it. The town of Old San Juan is all a National Historic Preservation so be sure to take it all in.

2 Off Road

Within the Dominican republic, I big experience is to enjoy an exciting rough terrain buggy adventure, you go past colourful houses, and across breath-taking landscapes in a trained vehicle, you  will also see the famous banana plantations and farmland.

1 Picnic and Snorkelling?

If you have ever wanted to find yourself on the white sandy beaches of San Juan, you are not alone. There is an endless supply of things to see and do, with miles of beach and amazing aquatic life to explore. With the San Juan Snorkel and Picnic cruise, you can relax on the beach and explore the living coral reef, enjoy a picnic lunch and more.

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