Top 3 Deals for Honeymoon Packages to Asia

Many countries in Asia are considered to be the favorite honeymoon destination of people from various countries. India, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal and Philippines are just some of these countries. If you are coming from Europe, the United States or another place in the other side of the world, travelling to Asia can be a little expensive because of the distance. The cost of air transportation could already get a big chunk of your budget. Then you have to spend for your accommodation, food, transportation within the country, sightseeing expenses, shopping and many other things. Considering all these expenses, one may say that it is completely impractical to spend a honeymoon vacation in Asia.

But there are good reasons why you should spend your honeymoon in an Asian country. For one, there is a great range of places that you can visit, offering you a good variety of attractions from natural to man-made. The culture and cuisines in Asia are also unique and worth trying. Plus you will be in the company of friendly people who can help make your honeymoon as special and memorable. Furthermore, there are also special deals for honeymoon packages to Asia.

If you are looking for a honeymoon deal in Asia, here are the top three deals to look for:

1. Discount Off
At certain times of the year, Go Discover Abroad and other travel agencies normally offer discount off for travelling to various destinations in Asia. You can get at least ten percent off on your desired destination. However, most of these offers are very limited. Some travel agencies even offer discounted trips on a first-come, first-served basis. One way to get updates on discount offers is to subscribe to a particular travel website to receive regular updates on deals through your email.

Additionally, it is also possible to get a percentage off if you book earlier like several month in advance.

2. Combo packages
Another special deal to watch for is combo packages. These packages are normally offered throughout the year by some travel agencies. However, it only applies to select destinations. For example, if you like to visit India, you could avail of packages that let you travel to Delhi, Agra and other top destinations on a combo package. Combo packages are a great way to optimize your visit to a certain country because it allows you to visit more than one destination city.

3. All-inclusive Holidays
Another type of package that you could take advantage of is all-inclusive packages. This type of package will let you make a one-time payment already including all your basic needs and arrangements when you visit a country, like accommodation, airport transfer, food and sightseeing. If you like a hassle-free travel, this package is for you.

These types of honeymoon packages to Asia are the more common honeymoon packages that you could take advantage of. There are advantages of selecting one type of deal over another. Additionally, you may also find an ultimate package that combines any two or three of these types of packages. When you do, that is a real deal. Visit to check out some of the latest honeymoon deals in Asian destinations.

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