Top 5 Activities to do in the Seychelles

Snorkelling in the Seychelles

1. Biking

A great and alternative way to explore the Seychelles is by bike. You will find various bicycle rental shops scattered around the Seychelles and can easily hire one to explore with. Or, if you’re staying on Praslin, you will be able to rent a bicycle through the hotel you’re staying at, minimising any effort you have to make, so you can enjoy your ride through the Seychelles even more! Cycling through winding but charming roads, surrounded by lush scenery, you will be able to experience the Seychelles in a supremely authentic manner and start to feel like one of the locals.

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2. Snorkelling

The Seychelles is known for its beautiful beaches, and below the surface are a variety of colourful and exotic fish that can be seen by snorkelling. With stunning coral reefs, playful Bat Fish and Giant Sting Rays, you will be enchanted by the Seychelles’ local residents – and, if you’re lucky, you might even bump into some Hawksbill Sea Turtles and even the magnificent Green Sea Turtle. There are dozens of diving centres in the Seychelles, so arranging a dive will never be difficult or complicated! You can also explore several well-known shipwrecks, such as the Ennerdale, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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3. Eating

If you appreciate luxurious and wonderful food, then you will not be disappointed by the Seychelles’ cuisine. Although the local dishes of fresh seafood and squid with ginger and chillies is a national favourite, you will find an eclectic mix of Italian, Chinese and Indian food too. Whatever your taste buds fancy, the Seychelles has it all and will indulge you with its fresh and crisp flavours. Although there are a variety of meats to be had, it’s really the seafood which is exquisite – most of it sourced from the local beaches!

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4. Hiking

Like biking, hiking through the Seychelles is a wonderful way to explore the islands in a way not many other people have before. Lush vegetation and spectacular scenery surround you as you journey through the mountainous climate, providing ample opportunity for photographs that will impress everybody back home. There is a diverse and exciting collection of birdlife in the mountains, which can either be discovered in the wild or in wildlife reserves. Most hikes are day trips and require an average fitness level, making them ideal for tourists who are not quite ready to go on a seven day hike!

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5. Shopping

For those of you who love shopping, the Seychelles provides plenty of outlets and markets which are spilling over with interesting and fascinating items. You can buy food and wine at the markets, or handmade trinkets and textiles. There are also large shopping malls which you can peruse through, that sell the latest technological gadgets and perfumes. But perhaps the most well-known shop in the Seychelles is the Kynwyn House, which sells beautiful gemstones, as well as having a significantly rich history.

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