Top 5 Reasons to Take a Holiday in Japan

Visiting Japan

Although the tourism scene in Japan suffered last year in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the east of the country, it has since picked back up and has restored itself to something approaching the strength it held previously.

Japan has always held a special place in the hearts of Westerners, mainly because of its sophistication and similarities to the Western lifestyle.

We looked at the five reasons you should look to visit Japan as soon as possible.

They Love Fireworks

Okay, so this probably wasn’t the first thing you were expecting to see on the list, however the Japanese love their fireworks! This is a trend that can be seen throughout the Far East, although Japan lead the way when it comes to demonstrating a love for fireworks.

They hold displays all year round, although perhaps the best time to visit for this attraction is in August, when there are daily street parties – everyone’s invited – which become effervescent carnivals of noise and colour incorporating everything that is great about Japanese life.

Authentic Japanese Food

When you talk about Japanese food it is the norm to turn to and discuss sushi. However, just because that is the prominent offering around Europe it should not be thought that it is the only thing available.

If you want to be ultra-brave, try the famous puffer fish – although if you’re a fan of The Simpsons make sure the chef knows what he’s doing!

Japanese Culture

A lot of resorts give you the opportunity to head there and treat it like a version of home. This is impossible to do in Japan, with the local culture so sophisticated and refined, there is no option but to immerse yourself in everything that is going on here.

Whether it is the pace of modern life or ancient statues and temples, Japan has something for everyone.

Public Transport

This is a great point, especially for those from the UK travelling to Japan. The country gives you the opportunity to see an out of this world, efficient, and quick train system, which will get you from one city to another in seemingly no time at all.

The Surroundings

Whether you are enjoying the Japanese countryside or the ambience of being surrounded by skyscrapers in the big city, there is no escape from the feeling you get when you are in Japan.

Whether for the food, the fireworks, or another reason, a trip to Japan is more than worthwhile.


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