Top 5 Regions Boasting of Authentic Villas for Tourists in Italy

Italy is a European country, similar in size to the state of Arizona. Renowned for its pasta, beautiful landscape, Pope, fashion, beaches, scenic mountains and historic castles, you will get a number of exciting places to visit in Italy like Venice, Rome and Capri. The diverse landscape of Italy includes coastlines along the Adriatic, Mediterranean, Ionian, Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian Seas. The Apennine Mountains connect the Alps for the outstanding views of the mountain. Fertile valleys, freshwater lakes as well as ancient terrain mark Italy as one of the top vacation destinations.

During your holiday tour in Italy you could explore the art museums and experience the Mediterranean lifestyle. Tuscany will provide you the opportunities for cooking tours and invite you to visit the local kitchens and the beaches of southern Italy. You will be delighted to spend your days seeking the sun. If you are adventurous, you could cruise down the longest river of Italy for relaxing and soaking in the marvellous natural beauty.
Authentic villas

Moreover Italy is well-known for its villas. The Amalfi coast, Tuscany, Sicily and Venice are only a few areas where you could rent a house for the sake of your vacation. Presently villa holidays are becoming popular in Italy for family gatherings and getaways with friends. You could choose a deluxe mansion along with cook, gardener and maids or could also stay in a self-catering villa. Italy is the home to thousands of historic villas. Most of them are located close to the old fishing towns or beside the ancient vineyards. Some overlook medieval piazzas and some accommodate modern museums with lavish gardens. If you like to stay in ancient villa on the coast of the Mediterranean coast, will get several accommodation facilities.

Let’s check out the top 5 regions boasting of lots of authentic villas open to visitors for extended or overnight stay:


The picturesque landscape of Tuscany and the medieval towns are speckled with ancient villas. Some are private owned family homes while others are turned into bed-and-breakfasts and hotels.  Moreover you could get some other villas on rent for the purpose of an extended stay. The Tuscan town San Gimignano is the home to a lot of renowned ancient villas. Out of the original 72 tower houses constructed by the medieval elite of the city, only 14 survive at present.


Tourists within the Lazio region of Italy visit around Rome. The Lazio region has a Mediterranean coast where tourists could get several picturesque and historic villas. As in case of the other parts of Italy, some are open to the visitors for extended stays or for rent. In order to experience a purely scenic tour, theLante at Bagnaia will let you enjoy an unforgettable Italian castle together with spectacular gardens.


Most tourists in Campania often focused on Naples. Nevertheless, the region boasts of several attractions along its Mediterranean coast. Specifically Ravello and Posatano will offer you numerous authentic Italian sights.  If you want you could rent neighbouring villas for staying for a week or by the night. Rufolo in Ravello is a must-watch villa as it hosts Wagnerian concerts during the summer. Nearby, the Cimbrone offers a clear view of the striking seashore.



This is situated in the boot-shaped peninsula of Italy. Calabria is encircled by the ocean on all the 3 sides. A number ofmedieval villas stand by the 5 provinces of Calabria and some are available for rent. The most famous of the region is Reggio. It offers an extensive coastline perfect for tourists willing to experience a true Italian summer holiday. You could rent villas in the Calabrian countryside and downtown.


Sicily is a comparatively small geographical area. However it is the home to several villas that are exclusively for tourists. You could get villas throughout the island. The main villas opened to tourists are around Palermo. The La Cuba and CastelloDellaZisa are the ancient villas steeped in the charm and the mystery of the medieval time.

These top 5 regions boasting of authentic villas in Italy will surely add zest to your mood during your holiday.

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