Top 5 Things to do in Croatia


If you’re visiting Croatia for the first time and you’re not sure where to go or what to do, here is a solution for you! Having in mind that the country has a rich and diverse tourist offer, I’ll present you the five things you must not miss while in the country.
So, here it is – the essential to-do list!

A weekend in Zagreb





It’s only fitting that you start in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Visit some of the numerous parks and admire their fountains, take a walk through Tkalceviceva Street, where the coffee shops are dotted next to each other and try the ‘strukle’ (croatian specialty made of dough and cheese) or any of the Croatian domestic beers. Visit the marketplace of Dolac, near the main square, to see the old-fashioned Zagreb products or go to a hiking tour on the slopes of Sljeme.
Zagreb also has a rich night life, as any big European city should have. The country’s capital offers a rich variety of hotels, bars, nightclubs, taverns and restaurants. Check out the rock heavens such as Krivi Put, Route 66 or Vintage Industrial Bar. There are a lot of fancier places, the popular Aquarius and Hemingway Bar. Even jazz lovers will find something for themselves at the Bachus Jazz Bar. The list of things to do while in Zagreb is pretty big and we’ve actually just scratched the surface.

Try the Istrian cuisine





The Istrian peninsula is the Croatia’s westernmost region, internationally recognized as a tourist paradise. The Istrian cuisine is a mixture of Mediterranean and continental influences. It includes a lot of pasta – some popular Istrian dishes are made of pasta such as ‘pljukanci’ or ‘fuzi’. Beside pasta, you should try the ‘boskarin’ meat – a type of cattle in the region, famous local sheep cheese a dried meat called ‘prsut’.
The luxurious Istrian white truffle has became a well-known delicacy and is widely exported to all of Europe.
The region is also known for its winemaking tradition. The Istrian red and white wines have been praised since Roman times. You can even observe the process of winemaking by taking the so called ‘Istrian wine routes’. Make sure to try Istrian Merlot, Cabernet or Malvasia Istriana.
Literally all taverns and restaurants in Istria offer all these delicacies.

The Plitvice National Park





Plitvice is the oldest National Park in Croatia. It consists of sixteen lakes arranged in cascades, connected with small rivers and underground waters. The lakes host many animal and plant species and are separated by an interesting natural phenomena – travertine deposits created by moss, algae and bacteria. The color of the lakes is also interesting with many azure, blue, green, grey combinations – the colors change depending on sunlight, the minerals currently present and the number of organisms in the water.
The Park is well connected and easily accessible from Zagreb and Dalmatia, due to its vicinity to the A1 Motorway. There are also organized tours from Dalmatia and from the biggest coastal city, Split, you can take taxi transport directly to Plitvice. The park is truly affordable – an adult ticket costs about 110 kuna (18 US dollars) during the tourist season peak.

Cruise the Croatian Islands




The coastline of Croatia is probably the most spectacular one in Europe since it has around twelve hundred islands and islets. It would be a shame if you visited the country without seeing at least some of the islands. There are many trips and excursions organized, but for more private and exclusive visit, you can rent a boat or a yacht via local agencies, and explore some of them yourself. Feel the sun on your face as you explore the Adriatic – there are no limitations to where you can go as there are plenty of island towns, beaches and bays.





Located in the country’s deep south and considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean, the Dubrovnik of today is a place where some of the Hollywood movie stars and celebrities spend their holidays. The city’s ancient walls, old town and the main street of Stradun will enchant you with their stone architecture. In fact, you might have already seen them since the HBO’s hit show ‘Game of Thrones’ is filmed in Dubrovnik!
There’s plenty accommodation and things to do if you just want to relax and have some fun. Take a ride with the Dubrovnik cable car from which you’ll see the whole landscape of the town, visit the Dubrovnik Film Festival, spend an afternoon at the Copacabana beach or visit the nearby Lokrum island, to admire its natural beauties. There are plenty of clubs and bars where you can meet people from all over the world.

Although there are many more things in Croatia to see and do, these five are the essential. They will help you get to know the country and its most beautiful sides and enjoy your time in Croatia. Of course, these are just ideas on which you can expand along the way. You’ll have an amazing time for sure!

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