Top adrenalin soaked destinations in the world

Bungee Jumper

If lazing on a beach all day long isn’t your idea of a holiday and you crave an adrenalin rush every now and again – then why not book your next vacation in one of the World’s most adrenaline soaked destinations. Sure, you may not return with a tan or a sense of relaxation… but you’ll definitely have the experience of a lifetime!

If this sounds like it might be your cup of tea (or can of Red Bull)… then you’ll love these five top adrenalin soaked destinations, perfect for anyone who wants more than sun loungers and sun cream… Enjoy!


  1. Skydiving in New Zealand is one of those amazing experiences that has everything an adrenaline junkie would love! There are amazing views, soaring heights and the inevitable thrill that comes from jumping out of a plane. There are loads of other adrenaline activities though here so don’t just settle with the one! You could go base jumping, bungee jumping, rafting… the list is endless!
  2. If you’re feeling brave, experience a massage like never before in Northern Israel. Therapist Ada Barak specialises in snake massages, where six venomous snakes are places along your spine to slip and slide whilst releasing tension and muscle pain.
  3. Not only is Mt Huashan in China famous for it’s jaw droppingly beautiful views of cliffs, with a vast landscape of surrounding mountains, it’s also known for it’s Terror Trek! The 12 kilometre long winding path at the top of the mountain has been cited as one of the world’s most dangerous attractions! The rusty iron chains and the nails that attach the planks of wood together aren’t the make this path scream danger, great for those thrill seekers who revel in moments of risk like this! You won’t find any safety barriers here. Whoever dares will find themselves clutching onto the railings over a 2090 metre cliff face! The Qing Ke Ping is the point “where horses turn back”, marking danger ahead!
  4. Not only are you treated to idyllic and remarkable scenery with the luscious green trees, at Magpie River Canada you’re given a white water rafting experience of a life time! Battle again class 3-5 rapids
  5. Find yourself in shark territory and go cage diving in Cape Town. Cape Town is home to over 90 per cent of the world’s shark population, meaning you won’t be hard pressed to catch a brief encounter with these deadly mammals!


This article was written by Elle. Elle works for No.1 Traveller Birmingham, and No.1 Traveller Gatwick as a travel writer!

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