Top Advices for Living Abroad


abroadEvery individual aspire to achieve higher degrees in educational field abroad. Even though their own country may be supporting proper education. This has become a trend in modern times. However after achieving the higher degrees they tend to settle in the foreign land.

Settling somewhere you are not familiar with is very tough. The barrier which is created includes- language, culture and perception.

Recently the world has experienced violence against students who have settled in foreign nations by their residents. These activities evolved through hatred, wrong impression and many such factors.

Here are some advices for a better living abroad-


People who are socially easy have a breathing space.

  • Learn to respect other’s social life even though you don’t like it.
  •  Do not hesitate to make new friends.
  •  Arrange weekend parties and invite your new friends.
  •  All lies in believing them.


A highly sentimental issue. Consequences of hatred may lead to loss of life at times.

  • Mainly do not engage yourself in any political parties.
  •  Do not throw hatred words indicated to the parties.
  •  Do not play a spy between parties.
  •  If you are approached by any party turn them down by saying that you don’t keep interest in politics.


If you have more money, people tend to take advantage of you. Any information on your monetary status should be a secret.

  • Expose to people that you belong from a mid-section family whose saving is 1/4th of income.
  • Tell others that both parents don’t earn much.
  • Even if you have a BMW or Mercedes don’t roam around with it all the time.
  •  Basically keep your monetary issues within the family for you will never want to get robbed or taken advantage of.


It is the most important aspect while living in a foreign land. Your survival is based on how you perceive the culture.

  • Appreciate other’s culture even though you don’t like it.
  • Stop making negative comments to a new culture.
  • Do not point out faults in others culture.
  • Take active participation in cultural fests.


The world has seen too much hatred and war in the name of racism.

The entire world now pleads no distinguish between black and white.

  • Greet everyone as your brother.
  • Complement them.
  • Be friends with them and offer help when needed.
  • Safeguard ones moral in front of others.


Upkeep ones religion, don’t show hatred towards it.

  • Don’t tag any religion as terrorism extremists.
  • Try to gain more knowledge by making friends hailing from different religion.
  • Visit churches, mosques, temples, etc.
  • Every religion teaches real good values, it’s the followers who make the negative use of it.


With this I should conclude that wear a mask of fakeness in a place of not your choice but it should ensure your safety.

  • Trusting and keeping faith in individual will relax you more.
  • Do not hesitate if something is wrong, you can always approach the embassy.
  • Do everything to safeguard the rules and regulations of a place which is alien to you.
  • These qualities should make a better life of yours better in a foreign land.
  • Strengthen your social life so that you can create a strong positive impact on people who will meet you.
  • With this I wish everyone a better life abroad.

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