Top five things to do in Rome

Rome is a beautiful city, bursting with culture, activities and striking sites. The atmosphere is a mixture of the relaxed locals going about their daily business and the excited tourists eagerly feasting their eyes on the stunning reminders of the Roman Empire. Between the delicious Italian dishes and the prominent Colosseum there are endless lists of things to do in the city. Here’s our pick of the top five.

Visit the Colosseum.

This is a must if you’re visiting Rome; the Colosseum is an epic monument, reflecting stories of gory battles between slaves, gladiators, prisoners and wild animals. The huge arena can seat over 50,000 people and is perfect for any culture seekers. Historic stories unfold right before your eyes in this great building.

See a Roma or Lazio football game.

Whether you decide to see Roma or Lazio play it’s undeniably impressive seeing these great teams up close. Get good seats pitch-side and experience an amazing, enthusiastic atmosphere as rudimentary Italian shouting mixes with bellowing cheers and an avid performance from the players.

Eat a pizza.

It goes without saying that if you’re in Italy, you should try a traditional mozzarella and basil pizza. Whether it’s a hot summer night or a wintery afternoon, a steaming plate of Italian pizza is a delicious choice. Wash it down with an Italian Peroni and after you’ve finished just sit back and relax.

Visit Michelangelo.

Maybe not the actual Michelangelo, but housed in twin palaces on opposite sides of his piazza del Campidoglio are the Capitoline Museums which are definitely worth a visit. Together they constitute the oldest public gallery in the world- they opened their collection to the public in 1734. Inside you can find breathtaking paintings by Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and Caravaggio as well as beautifully crafted statues by the Baroque genius Bernini. If you’re interested in finding more art then be sure to also visit the Borghese Gallery and Palazzo Barberini Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica.

Find serenity in the Villa Borghese.

If you’re spending a busy weekend in the city then at some point you’ll probably want to seek out a few minutes of serenity. You can find this in the gardens of the Villa Borghese which is the city’s most central public park. Easy to find, the park’s popular with joggers, dog walkers and pleasure seekers. Climb the hill to the Villa Pamphili Parkin the suburb of Monteverde, where you’ll get to see beautiful, tree-lined avenues and dragon-fly laced turtle ponds.

Although these are five of the things you can do in the stunning Italian city, there are many other options. Rome is always an amazing place to explore, whether you’re looking for a busy, culture-seeking weekend or a peaceful time in the sun.

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