Top Long Haul Destinations on a Budget


Whilst travelling long haul can be uncomfortable, people continue to do it every year because it opens up far corners of the world in a matter of hours. What stops more people from going on long haul holidays is the huge cost of the air travel and expenses in the summer season, which stops many people from experiencing some of the greatest places in the world. Here, I have compiled a list of the cheapest long haul destinations on the planet.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, with gorgeous beaches, amazing wildlife. It also has a fascinating culture and an interesting colonial history. Never a first or even second choice holiday destination for tourists, it has now soared so much in popularity that BA have announced they will begin flights to the capital, Colombo, from next March. Week long, Half-board package deals are available from £599pp and the value of your traditional holiday essentials is so cheap that you won’t spend too much when you’re there either. Studies from the Post Office have shown that a three course meal, a bottle of wine, a bottle of water, sun cream and insect repellent will cost you only £43.85.


Goa is, unlike traditional holiday destinations, at its hottest in the winter months, which makes it a great Christmas/New Year getaway. However, it is the rock bottom prices that make Goa an eye-catching destination. Package deals can be bought for as low as £713pp in the high season, whilst the low price of everything makes this a shopping trip, as well as a holiday. Shoes, shirts and tailor-made suits are particularly good value in this small Indian state. Costs fall even further in the summer months, due to it being monsoon season. However, if you do decide to go at this time, I’d recommend packing an umbrella!

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a tropical Caribbean paradise, with scorching sun, welcoming inhabitants and beautiful palm trees, swaying to a cool sea breeze. This country was one of the pioneers in creating tourist hotspots within the Caribbean. Unfortunately, it has been notorious in the years since for poor standards. This is something that has, in recent times, been turned around completely and at extremely low prices. Today’s resorts are extremely well managed and offer the best value-for-money in the entire region. An all-inclusive stay for a full week now starts from as low as £748pp, whilst the price of tourist essentials can be bought at competitive prices, both outside and inside the majority of hotels.

USA – Orlando

The USA is a particular favourite for holidaymakers, partly because of the language and partly because it is arguably the greatest and most diverse country in the world. Whilst many people clamour for the bright lights of New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Orlando continues to be the prime destination for families. Warm sunshine, fresh air and of course, Disneyland, are only a selection of the great things to do here. Luckily, the low price of the holiday will allow you to easily go there and experience them. A self-catering package deal for seven days, including the cost of car hire, can be purchased for the small sum of £875pp.

Long haul travel can often be expensive, but it’s important that you don’t despair. If you do the research and keep an eye out for deals, you can buy them for rock bottom prices and, and experience every corner of the world.

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