Top tips for travelling to Disney World Florida

Walt Disney World in Florida is a once in a lifetime location that often becomes a family’s’ most memorable holiday destination! Travelling to Walt Disney World from the UK is not one of the cheapest holidays but there are ways to save money and cut the cost of your holiday… so you can spend more on having an amazing time.

Search online for a discount package

If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World the temptation is to head straight to the Disney website and start planning an inclusive holiday with flights. Although this probably seems the simplest way to organise your trip, it’s unlikely to be the best value option. Before confirming your order, it’s definitely worth checking out alternative costs by exploring flights and hotels through other providers.

Book a hire car in advance

Often the easiest way to travel around, especially when travelling with a family, is by car. Make sure that you shop around online when booking a Florida hire car. If you book at the airport on arrival the chances are that you’ll be paying premium prices that could be avoided by pre planning.

Get a local SIM card

The chances are if you are going to Disney World Florida that you will want to share your pictures and experiences online with friends and family back home. Uploading photos to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or even by email, uses data – far more than you probably realise. People are becoming savvy to the fact that high data usages when abroad can lead to potentially huge bills when you return from your holiday of a lifetime – and that is not something anyone wants to deal with! The solution is to use a local SIM card (i.e. a USA SIM card) so that you can benefit from local call, text and data rates. You can buy local American SIM cards before you even leave for your holiday from sites such as who can recommend the best option for you. Time to get snapping and capture those memories!

Set a budget before you leave

Depending on your financial circumstances, it could be that a trip to Florida is literally a once in a lifetime holiday – particularly if you’re taking young kids. You’re going to want to get the best possible value out of your entire experience so that you can spend money on the more important parts of the holiday – like having fun! Work out ways to eat more cheaply by avoiding concession stands and food on offer in the park itself. Take your own picnics and make sure you have plenty of bottled water with you. By being careful on the basics, you can save more to spend on treats for the children and having as much fun as possible as a family.

Pack as lightly as possible

You want to have some room in your luggage allowance for any special souvenirs the kids want to bring back from their holiday of a lifetime, so think ahead when you pack to leave for the holiday. Remember that if you go over allowances it will either cost you a fair amount of cash or you’ll be forced to ditch some stuff before boarding. Cut the hassle out by planning ahead.

And most of all, have an amazing holiday!

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