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Holiday makers and occasional travelers have been asking more about the most ideal destinations for 2014. Before you choose a destination think about the people who will be accompanying you, whether you are traveling alone, with your family, loved one or even friends.


If you are looking for places with lots of sun and summer fun with a lot of sand, the Mediterranean is a good place to begin. However, think about those places you are able to enjoy the topography and natural beauty, friendly natives and great food. Turkey is such a place with hotel standards having increased in a huge way in the last decade.


Croatia is another 2014 destination with a long coastline yet to be spoilt by human activities with so many islands with great coves and accommodation that will meet your needs. These include such areas as the Hvar Island with good hotels such as the Amfora and Riva.


If you love summer pleasures in their most basic level, then Greece is a wonderful place you should visit. You will enjoy warm seas, good food, great beaches and sun. Those traveling with their kids can check out the Sani Resort in the splash beaches of Halkididi while couples will love Paxos and Alonissos islands. The Greek Island of Crete has lots of busy resorts while still maintaining its trademark boutique hotels, fishing villages yet to be impinged on and a lot of remote locations in the rural areas.


Italy is another destination popular 2014 destination and hard to go wrong with. One of the regions with the whispers of nature is Umbria, characterized by hill towns of a medieval quality, lakes with crystal clear waters with charming countryside and fabulous villas anyone can rent. Other areas to visit include Puglia and sleeping in pure luxury in a Masseria with the Amalfi Coast giving the much needed classic style.


Spain is a major beach destination and favorite for 2014, particularly those who love the coast of the famous Catalonia with beautiful coves, including authentic fishing communities and lots of majestic mountains. For travelers who love sandy stretches, Costa de la Luz awaits but make sure you have not overlooked northern Spain. It has some of the best rolling country sides, rivers, historical towns, un-spoilt beaches and the most affordable prices. Since the season to enjoy Northern Spain is very short, it is important to avoid it in late autumn and early period of autumn.

Ibiza and Mallorca

Not to be forgotten are Ibiza and Mallorca, two Spanish islands with memorable beaches, pristine countryside’s and lots of delicious food. To unwind, Menorca is an island in the Balearic Island you should visit and quieter than surrounding attractions, ideal for those traveling as a family.

Canary Islands 

Canary Islands are ideal for those in search of ever-present sunshine with Tenerife and Lanzarote the most popular of the Canaries. Major water sports are also available with national parks, volcanoes with places to soak yourself for a long time in the sunshine.

Those prepared to fly for more than seven hours have the entire world to find the best options in traveling such as Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius. To explore both city and beach, Cape Town, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro await as well as being naturally gorgeous cities.

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