Travel Apps for the Discerning Traveller


A Mastercard report this year stated that although economic growth is sluggish around the world, the number of people travelling is increasing. It seems the travel bug is biting more and more of the population. With this increase in exploring another country and technology becoming increasingly mobile, having useful information at the finger tips takes the worry out of travel significantly. This twinned with the internet the world seems a much smaller place and having information on our mobile devices from iPads to smartphones allows us to be more adventurous.

With 17,000 travel apps on the market it’s difficult to choose which are just going to sit unused and which could revolutionise your holiday. So, here is a list of the minimum necessary for any seasoned traveller – warning apps are addictive, once tried and tested they are easily integrated into people’s life forever.

First off the block is:


A free app for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod Touch and Windows Mobile. This helps create itineraries with maps and hotel search. Flights can be booked as well as flight status and check-ins which is pretty useful.


Another free app for Android, iPhone and iPod touch. This is totally interactive and allows users to engage with their immediate surroundings by pointing your phones camera to where they are, they then get given, things to do, places to see and even get connected with new people.

Google Sky Map

Free again for Android, iPhone and iPod Touch. Often on holiday the thing that strikes people is the night sky, just how many stars there are away from the city and street lights. With this app just hold your phone to the night sky and it will state all the constellations – quite a romantic app if there is such a thing.


Offers a free Currency exchange calculator app for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod Touch. There’s not much more to say about a currency converter app – it does want it’s good at. It’s always handy when shopping or bartering abroad.


The last free app is for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It cleverly identifies where the nearest petrol stations are and the prices for each. This is a must have app for road trippers who are hiring a car in a foreign country. It’s often difficult to know how big your hire cars petrol tank is, never mind not knowing the roads and where the services are from place to place.


At a very reasonable £5.99 and for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This is a language learning app, which uses music, clever keywords and phrases to help even the most reluctant linguist to pick up basic phrases.

These apps are the tip of a whole world of mobile travel companions. Once these cunning little travel aids are downloaded any traveller is equipped for the basics of any journey.


Also available on Google play are the iFlightSearch apps to help you when you are planning your trips!

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