Travel Options in France

Travel in France

France is one of the largest countries in Europe. It is larger than the US state of Texas but offers more landscape options. Home of the picturesque Eiffel Tower, the best way to tour the country is by booking a trip to Paris and then make your way from there. Doing so will not be that difficult considering the many travel options available. Here is a brief rundown of the various ways to travel in the country.


Going by train in France is an ideal option because of its well-connected railroads. The TGV or Train a Grand Vitesse is a network of high-speed trains that easily connects to regional and local trains. If you are not in the mood for driving, taking the train is almost always the quickest and most convenient option. If you are in luck, it is even possible to find great deals as well.

Most of the trains in France have connections in every country in the European Union. Trains are the best option if you plan to visit the different regions of France due to the limitation in bus service. The TGV has a speed of more than 200 mph so you can reach Southern France in just three hours.

Air Travel
Flights with Air France
Aside from its main airport, France also has a comprehensive network of regional airports, which includes airlines from other parts of Europe. Most carriers have direct flights to the USA or Canada, especially New York and Montreal. In Paris, there are two major airports namely the Charles de Gaulle in the north and Orly in the south. The former is the main international airport and is the second busiest in Europe after the London Heathrow.

From the airport, you will not have any problems about booking accommodations because there are several hotels surrounding the two major airports in Paris. In CDG alone, there are four hotels already.

Bus Travel

Although France is known for its extensive connection of highways, there is no national bus network. This is in line with the government’s drive to encourage people to take inter-country buses. But if you are working on a budget, this travel option is the cheapest. There are also buses that have international routes. However, these bus lines do not offer domestic routes.


Although renting a car offers a more flexible option when traveling, having your own car will still come in handy. Some small French villages do not have a nearby train station so going around will be much easier when you drive your own car. This will also allow you to have some free rein when traveling. You can easily stop by for a coffee or break, go to the market, or change your itinerary.

These are the various modes of transportation that France has to offer to its tourists.

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