Travel Tips for the Frequent Flyer

Many people dread having to fly, not so much for the flight itself, but just the routine that they have to endure before finally having the chance to relax on the plane. It doesn’t have to be this much of a hardship though. From having to pack your carry on luggage to getting through security, let’s look at several tips that will get you on that plane faster.

  • Leave space in your passport: Did you know some countries such as India require a minimum of two blank (unstamped) pages in your passport to award you a visa? Be on the lookout for country-specific requirements like this by visiting prior to your trip.
  • Show Duty Due Diligence: For those seeking a bargain, making a beeline to the duty free shop seems like a logical choice. Unfortunately. you might end up paying more for the same merchandise at your local department store. Try to plan what you’d like to buy in advance and compare prices.
  • Be Hygienic: Sorry to gross you out on this one, but according to a US Airways flight attendant, airlines rarely wash their pillows and blankets until they appear dirty. Tray tables are also seldom wiped. Rather than risking taking on someone else’s germs, we’d recommend bringing your own blanket, pillows and disinfectant wipes on board.
  • Missed Connections: Don’t make life harder for yourself if you’ve missed a connection. Lining up to wait for a gate agent could be wasting your time and allowing someone else to snap up your tickets for the next flight. Instead call the airline’s customer service number from your cell phone while you wait in line, and go with whoever can help you faster.
  • Airport Security: Frequent flyers are known for their gadgets and gizmos, but packing these haphazardly can make you a target for having your bags manually checked. When your luggage is passed through the X-ray machine, if security can’t make sense of your bag due to randomly packed electronics, your odds increase. Make things easy for you and everyone else by packing them in a single layer.
  • Carry on Luggage: As you likely already learned, each airline has their own rules and limits of carry-on luggage. Avoid having to shuffle your luggage around at the gate lineup. Before packing, check with Seat Guru to see what these limits are.

We’ve looked at a series of our favorite tips to make your following flight at least a little less stressful. Although the pre-flight routine can be taxing for everyone, hopefully following these tips will make your next flight more enjoyable.

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