Traveling in a Group? 5 Destinations Where Everyone Will Find Something to Love

Traveling in a group can be fun, but it can also be complicated. Every member of the group may not have the same interests or want to do the same things during the trip.  So how to keep everyone in your group satisfied?  The best way to accomplish this seemingly daunting task is to choose the right location.  If you find the right place in the planning stages, you will be way ahead of the game once you actually arrive on your group vacation.

Traveling in a Group 5 Destinations Where Everyone Will Find Something to Love pic

Southern California

From Disneyland, to the beaches, and to the mountains,Southern California truly has something for everyone. Children who visit Disneyland can spend time with their favorite Disney characters. Adults can enjoy a variety of food at the park’s restaurants and browse through shops selling Disney merchandise. Beach visitors can sunbathe or surf. People can hike in the mountains or curl up in a cabin in front of a fire. Staying in Palm Desert vacation rentals gives your party room to spread out comfortably while keeping you close to a variety of activities and destinations in Southern California.

Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, visitors can enjoy gambling, shopping, and taking in a show among other things. The variety of food offered at the city’s buffets should satisfy everyone in a group of travelers. People who want to relax can sunbathe by a hotel pool or visit one of the many spas. Attractions in the Las Vegas area for the whole family include Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat, Hoover Dam and the Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden. The garden is next to the Ethel M candy factory, which kids will love.

Whistler, BC

While Whistler is best known for skiing, there are a variety of things to do here all year long. Adventurous visitors can ski during the winter and ride zip-lines during warmer weather. Hiking, horseback riding and boating are some of the other things to do outdoors. The town has museums and shops for visitors who prefer more leisurely activities.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers travelers a variety of of activities in a stunning setting. Known as one of the most beautiful countries in the Western Hemisphere, visitors will love a hike and picnic in the country’s national parks; or the beaches here have places for sunbathing and surfing. History lovers can see classical buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries during a walk through the city of San Jose.  Everyone will enjoy the friendly culture and delicious cuisine.

Caribbean Cruises

Another great option for a large group is a cruise.  Modern cruise ships on quality lines have sunbathing decks and swimming pools with plenty of space to read and relax. There are gyms for active passengers and sometimes water-slides, surf machines, rock-climbing, etc. for adventurers. Most have multiple restaurants and evening shows to choose from.  Passengers can visit beaches, museums, and shops after the ship reaches its destination.

It can be tough satisfying everyone on vacation,  but a group who takes one of these travel options is sure to have a great time. Everyone will be able to spend their vacation doing something they enjoy.

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