Two Florida Destinations No One Should Miss

Disney World- Magic Kingdom - Cinderella's Castle

Florida boasts two must visit polar opposites everyone should experience. One is a magical place where both classic storybook characters and the movies of today come to life. The other is series of islands unique to the Florida wildlife blanketed within a natural paradise of wonder and outdoor activity. This article will provide a glimpse into one of the four parks at Walt Disney World and an overview of The Florida Keys.

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

For our children, and the kid inside us all, Magic Kingdom is the place where the best stories of our youth come to life. From the moment you step unto the tram or ferryboat to motor over to the island the adventure begins. Magic is the theme and it can be found through the variety of special events, shops, shows and amusements. Disney characters literally step out the books and walk the park with the guests and come to life though a variety of spectacular rides and entertaining shows.  The castle is real and the workers known as, “cast members” are on the lookout to make sure you have a magical time via the excellent customer service Disney is known for.

Magic Kingdom spans 107 acres divided into 6 sub parks that all bring a particular Disney theme to life including Main Street USA,

Disney World- Magic Kingdom - Cinderella's Castle

Disney World – Cinderella’s Castle by, on Flickr

Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Liberty Square, and a recently renovated Fantasyland. The rides, shows, movies and unique eats that fit every palate culminate in the Wishes Parade and fireworks display. Not only are the fireworks a thing of wondrous beauty unlike anything back home, they are set to music that uncovers an inspiring theme as Tinkerbelle flies from the castle to glide by amazed onlookers. It is truly a magical place that takes children on a magical ride while leading adults back to where everything magical about life began.

The Florida Keys

One of the islands in the Florida Keys is well known in popular culture as Key Largo while Islamorada and Key West are just as popular with the millions who visit every year via the overseas highway that ties the area together. Huge draws include diving, sport fishing, camping, and wildlife enthusiast activities.  The areas cultural history comes to life as much as the continuous entertainment opportunities offered throughout the coral archipelago stretching 137.3 miles. The tropical climate offers nearly every houseplant the opportunity to sprout legs and survive the great outdoors and also maintains a unique cadre of plant life including coconut palms, papaya, and the key lime tree from which key lime pie is made. You can also expect to view Key Deer, American Crocodile, and manatees.  The area’s accommodations run the gamut from camping to luxurious secluded resorts and everything in between.

Both Magic Kingdom and The Florida Keys will take you on the journey of a lifetime for very different reasons. Both appeal to our sense of wonder and delight by their respective creative designs. The only question is which one are you going to visit first, nature’s natural beauty or creative fantastical dreamscapes?

If you find yourself in Orlando on your next trip, be sure to visit Hard Knocks, central Florida’s most authentic laser tag and gaming facility.

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