Ultimate Guide to the Amazing Trogir

trogir amazing

Formerly referred as Trau, the tiny yet gorgeous town of Trogir lies in the picturesque terrains of Croatia. Its medieval walls boast of maze-like and knotted streets that are lined with cafes, bars and unique shopping avenues.

Tourists from all over the world love to visit its wide seaside promenade, which is flush with yachts and people in colorful hues – especially in the summer season. Trogir is exquisite in every sense of the word and lures with its exhaustive range of Renaissance and Romanesque architecture, including a magnificent cathedral that was conferred with the World Heritage status in the year 1997.


Trogir is easily accessible from all over the world. You can find a great offer and book a flight ,take the bus,train or travel with your own car. It is a relaxing destination for spending a few days in its scenic precincts or exploring the islands located nearby. Read on for a peep into the things to see and do in Trogir.

Cathedral of St Lovro

st lovro cathedral

One of the major highlights of Trogir is its Venetian cathedral. Arguably the finest works of art and architecture across Croatia, the Cathedral of St Lovro was founded between 13th and 15th century AD. This three-naved cathedral is an example of the Romanesque portal built by Master Radovan (1240). You will be mesmerized by the sights of lion figures and sculptures of Adam and Eve depicted on this portal—which are the first examples of nudity in Dalmatian sculpture.

Kamerlengo Fortress


The Kamerlengo Fortress was once connected to the walls of the city and is believed to have been constructed in the 15th century. At the far end of the fortress lies an elegant gazebo that dates back to the days of the Napoleonic occupation of the region of Dalmatia. This gazebo was built by Marshal Marmont, a French gentleman who liked to sit there and play a game of card amidst the waves.

Sailing from Dubrovnik to Trogir

A sailing odyssey that embarks you on a trip from Dubrovnik to Trogir, introduces you to the old-world charm and appeal of Croatia. As you cruise along, you may like to explore the bounties of lush national parks, savor the delights of its beautiful coastlines or wander through medieval towns – take your pick!

Regional Cuisines and Seafood


Visit a family-run tavern packaged with fishing-themed interiors to pamper yourself with dishes that lay emphasis on fish: anchovies, gavuni or smelt fish and sardines being the hot favorites among foodies and tourists alike. You may even choose to order a lamb pašticada stew at another rustic tavern; served with and Swiss chard and pancakes filled with pršut, this signature dish is certainly worth a try. Fontana is the preferred destination for just about any dish ranging from pricier grilled meat to risotto and spaghetti—this eatery has it all.

Places to See in Trogir


The Gothic yard and monumental staircase of The Town Hall are as appealing as the 3rd-century relief of Kairos at the Convent of St Nicholas. The Grand Cipiko Palace holds a place of distinction in the list of palaces, castles and mansions of this city and is worth a look too. Last but not the least, do remember to visit the Town Museum, housed in the precincts of the Garagnin-Fanfogna Palace –it has an excellent collection of artifacts depicting the history and culture of Trogir.

This stunning Adriatic coastal city also helps you mix leisurely hours of beach going and swimming with the time spent in walking through medieval fortresses, titillating your taste buds with local cuisines at lively restaurants, strolling on cobbled streets or taking a hike to delve in the mysteries of ancient ruins. Come evening and you would like to fall asleep in a gently rocking boat, lulled by the gentle sounds of lapping waves. Another great thing about Trogir is the fact that you can easily find a place to stay – hostels, hotels and apartments in Trogir are cheap and are great even for a tight budget. A “must visit” indeed!

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