Visiting The Top 10 Cities Of Europe

I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited some of the finest cities in Europe. Although it’s sometimes difficult to compare locations, I believe that the 10 cities that I’ve listed below would provide a dream travel itinerary.

I’m not suggesting, of course, that you should visit them all within the space of a single trip. But I would certainly recommend seeing them during your lifetime!

1. London, United Kingdom

The capital city of the UK is cosmopolitan and thriving. The success of the 2012 Olympic Games seems to have taken London to new heights, with the city now being seen as a real hub for sport, culture and history.

There have been occasions in the past when British cuisine has been somewhat derided, but London also hosts some of Europe’s finest restaurants.

2. Paris, France

Paris is one city where you won’t find too many complaints about the food that’s on offer! The French are rightly protective of their culinary heritage and you’ll discover that this is a country with wonderful food and a fantastic selection of wine.

The capital boasts the Eiffel Tour and the cathedral of Notre Dame, together with an array of art galleries and museums.

3. Barcelona, Spain

With the architecture of Gaudi, a fantastic climate and a coastal location, Barcelona has something for everyone.

It’s always entertaining to watch others in awe of Gaudi’s buildings, but Barcelona is very much a city that has been rising in popularity. It is by no means set in the past.

4. Madrid, Spain

Given the rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona, it would be impossible to exclude the Spanish capital from the list. I haven’t included it, however, simply in order to be even-handed. Madrid is a real cultural highlight of any visit to Spain and stands apart from the crowd.

5. Rome, Italy

For many, Rome represents the seat of one of the world’s great civilisations and it’s certainly hard to ignore the past when you are present at the heart of the Roman Empire. To see those wonderful structures that still stand within the Forum is simply breath-taking.

Rome can be crowded, hot and bustling. It is also, however, an amazing place in which to spend time.

6. Florence, Italy

Nestling in the Tuscan hills, Florence is a city of history. Having once been a powerful city-state, there is still something particularly special about Florence.

What I find especially enthralling about spending time here is knowing that you are surrounded by the rolling hills of Tuscany, which allow so much beautiful fresh produce to be consumed in the city each and every day. Quite simply, the food of Tuscany tastes incredible.

7. Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital city draws many visitors due to its links with Mozart, classical music and operas. It’s true that this is a wonderful place for music-lovers to visit, but there is something to appeal to those of all ages.

The famous coffee shops also attract plenty of attention and are still at the heart of the city, much as they have been for centuries.

8. Prague, Czech Republic

At various times in the recent past, Prague has been seen as a location that has been associated with turmoil. The people of the city have certainly faced plenty of difficulties, but they welcome visitors to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The Charles Bridge provides a focal point and is a place where tourists and locals alike meet, discussing their plans and admiring the view up to Prague castle and the associated cathedral.

9. Split, Croatia

Dubrovnik tends to attract more interest, but it’s my belief that Split may even have that bit more to offer. After all, there aren’t many places in Europe where you can stay within the confines of an ancient Roman palace.

If you ever get bored of the city, then you can always jump on a board and take a cruise round Croatia’s stunning islands.

10. Venice, Italy

Venice is perhaps best known as a city of romance and it’s certainly deserving of that title. It’s also one of the most extraordinary places on the planet, with its numerous canals and complete lack of motorised vehicles.

There is nowhere quite like Venice and I make no apologies for including this, as a third Italian city on my list.

Writing for Motorhome City, Keith Barrett enjoys exploring the cities of Europe. He believes that some of the greatest places are often ignored, but that there are often advantages associated with having the bravery to explore.

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