Wanting To See The World? Six Careers That Allow Or Encourage Travel

Wanting To See The World- Five Careers That Allow Or Encourage Travel

What if somebody told you that not only did you have the opportunity to travel to gorgeous faraway destinations for work, but that you had to? While there are plenty of careers that obviously require travel, there are also many others you haven’t even thought of. Here are a few careers you might consider to appease your wanderlust.

1. Tour Guide

Not only does it pay to travel, but it pays to show others how to travel. Whether you work for yourself and own a company showing tourists the trails of Washington or you work for a company that offers walking tours of Rome, this is rewarding employment. You can see that glimmer of interest in each of your customers, all while experiencing a world-class destination for yourself. Many companies are constantly looking for young employees who are free of obligation and interested in seeing the world. This is a great way to start off your traveling career and still make some money.


2. English Teacher

Even if you aren’t qualified to teach literature, you can easily visit a foreign country and teach English as a second language. You can obtain your TESL certification online and head out whenever you find that perfect job. There are lots of companies looking for volunteers. They have programs in many different countries, so it is a great way to see the world as well and many companies will pay to get in there and back as well as paychecks in between.


3. Wedding Photographer

With so many beautiful destinations to choose from, it is no surprise that people are beginning to travel for their weddings. If you have a great camera and some handy editing tools, you can specialize in destination wedding photography. You can capture somebody’s special day, get paid and travel all at the same time.


4. Au pair

If you love children and long to make some far-off destination your temporary home, why not become an au pair? All you have to do is agree to take charge of one family’s children – sort of like a live-in baby-sitter. Not only does this give you a built-in home, but it also helps you learn the local language through immersion.


5. Truck Driver

This is an often forgotten about option. But if you are satisfied with seeing the wonders of the states, these is great option. Not only will you be making some serious dough with this one, you can get your foot in the door of this career fairly easily. You just need to get a CDL, Texas or most other states offer the test. Once you have the right license, you are eligible to apply to for any opening and would be a great candidate.

6. Journalist

If you have the writing chops to back up a career as a journalist, why not explore the world and write about it? Adventurous people can explore the world of politics while those who want to take a lighthearted approach to a story can cover local news and profiles. The best thing about a career in this field is that you can choose your location and even many of your stories.


By taking on any of these careers, you are essentially being paid to travel. This is truly a dream for those who have been thinking about traveling but just haven’t found a way to do it yet.



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