Weird or Wonderful? Hotels Made From Weird Things


Looking to spice up your next trip by staying in a hotel with a difference? You’ll be surprised at how many hotels are out there that are far from the norm. From cake creations and wine barrels to drainpipes and oil rigs – let’s explore the world of weird and wonderful hotels.

Recently, a hotel opened up in London that offers guests something with a real difference.  Think you’ve heard it all before?  Think again – this hotel has its furniture and fittings made out of cake, and they encourage their guests to eat them!

Firstly, the cake hotel.  This unique concept, for one night only, was invented by the sugar giant Tate & Lyle, in their attempt to showcase their golden and brown cane sugars and put cake lovers and avid bakers into their dream heaven.  The result of 14 artists working through 2,000 hours with 600kg of sugar?  Hotel guests could devour windowsills made from fudge, the rug made from small multi-coloured meringues, and even bathe in caramel coated popcorn whilst in the bath tub.  Then there were also statues in the hotel’s tasting rooms which are made entirely of mud cake.  Weird or wonderful?  One might expect the vote on this to turn out pretty even.

Far from being an isolated incident, there are actually a number of hotels around the world that are made of unusual materials.  Here are a few of them to fuel your imagination.

Sleeping in shipping containers.  Cove Park’s Fielding Retreats in Scotland makes use of industrial grade shipping containers by converting them into open plan pods with cooking and sleeping facilities.  The pods overlook Loch Long which is pleasing to the eye and relaxing for the mind.

Sleeping in concrete drainpipe.  Located in TuboHotel in Tepoztian, Mexico, each drainpipe represents a room, and the drainpipe rooms are arranged in pyramid shapes to reflect the Mexican Aztec heritage.  Far from being basic accommodation, these drainpipe rooms have been jazzed up with queen sized beds, Egyptian cotton towels and heating to make them snug and cosy.tubohotel

Sleeping in wine barrels.  Wine lovers – get ready to book your stay in Hotel Vrouwe van Stavoren in the Netherlands.  Where else can you sleep in a 14,000-litre wine barrel that boasts its own sitting room, shower and bathroom?  The hotel is made of 4 casks shipped from Switzerland.

Sleeping on salt blocks.  The impressive Palacio de Sal in Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia has walls, ceilings, chairs, beds and tables made from salt blocks.  In fact, this 16 room hotel was built from one million 35cm salt blocks from its surroundings.  Built on an eco-concept but targeting upmarket segments, hotel guests can indulge in a dry sauna, whirlpool, steam room and of course, saltwater baths.

Sleeping in oil rig survivor pods.  A truly bizarre concept, guests at the Capsule Hotel, moored near The Hague in Netherlands, have the pleasure of sleeping in oil rig survivor pods.  Each capsule can sleep up to 3 guests, and amenities include an emergency chemical toilet, snacks and even a DVD player.

Author: Melanie is a hotel and travel writer for a leading Birmingham hotel in the UK – for more information visit Hotel La Tour

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