Wellness Tourism: Top 7 Health Retreats

Wellness tourism is a well known healing practice popularly practiced by the health conscious consumers. It involves enhancing of one’s well being through the magic of travelling experiences. The traveler seeks to relax, unwind, to look and feel better, to lose weight or relieve discomfort and manage stress. The tourist stays in one of the destinations offering various comprehensive packages including but not limited to relaxation methods, health-promoting physical exercises, and nutritious food.

The wellness tourism industry is experiencing a burgeoning growth owing to an increase of people constantly seeking to better their health. The influx has seen many spas and holistic centers, wellness retreats and various forms of health therapies setting up shop to cash in on this venture. The wellness concept exists under the following principles:

  • Wellness is multi-dimensional and holistic in nature
  • Wellness restores the body’s homeostasis and balance
  • Wellness is subjective; therefore, it requires customised treatment programs for each person.
  • Effective wellness treatments factor the whole body in physical, psychological and emotional wellness.
  • Research associated with wellness should identify ways of promoting health.

Hotels and resorts have joined the health spa development craze with some resorts offering the scope of services that are available at different destination spas. Likewise, many spas have added wellness and health programs in their packages.

Notably, there is a distinction between the wellness and health aspects. An individual seeking wellness travel is healthy and seeks certain therapies to maintain his wellbeing. Health tourism on the hand refers to people with medical conditions who travel with an aim of experiencing healing therapies.

To experience the ultimate wellness retreat and a true vacation check out the following top 7 retreats guaranteed to pamper and kick-start anyone to a healthier lifestyle. These 7 retreats devote their services entirely for stress-relieving and healthy getaways.

1. Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona

The all-inclusive luxury spa and health resort, catering for the well known, rich and famous, while offering the best in bodywork, spa services, fitness activities, and healthy cuisine and meditation facilities. It also has educational opportunities for those who desire to make a long-lasting commitment to healthy living. The ranch has outposts in Lenox and Miami, though the Tucson one is the most highly touted. It boasts of an eclectic cast of in – house experts and professionals. There is also an astrologer and clairvoyant in-house, and a sleep expert. One week all-inclusive stay starts at $11,740 per head.

2. On Track Retreats, Australia

Located at the entrance of the NSW Central Coast, this stunning retreat offers a perfect ambience to embrace a life transforming health and fitness experience. On Track Retreat is indeed; one of the best health retreats Australia has to offer; a 5 star resort with a perfect environment to eat well, exercise, and change to a healthy lifestyle. The central coast location is only 90 minutes from Sydney. It has excellent facilities offering revelers an opportunity to participate in a unique weight loss retreat program.

Expect to enjoy a luxury on-site treatment spa, indoor and outdoor pools, a direct access to a beach with ocean breezes, a steam room, gym facilities, multipurpose courts and a range of room types, from luxury apartments to basic shared rooms of reasonable cost. This is one amazing retreat that offers plenty of fun, a challenge to improve your health and develop a healthy lifestyle with sustainable results.

3. Rancho LA Puerta, Tecate, Mexico

Technically, Rancho LA Puerta is in Mexico, but it is only a 15-minute drive from the Tecate / San Diego border. The Rancho La Puerta is an all-inclusive retreat of wellness-themed resorts. An average stay here is around a week. The guests will undoubtedly love the ”casitas” furnished with decorative Mexican tiles, organic bath products, and artisanal tapestries. The major highlight of this ranch is the 3,000 acres of a well tendered lawn. It provides space for an ample playground, complete with educational classes; such as; organic cooking, it has hiking trails and provides spots for daily fitness options like cardio classes and pilates.

4. Lake Austin Spa, Texas

Lake Austin Spa nestled on a scenic lakefront is one of the world’s top retreats having a 19-acre wellness retreat. A breathtaking landscape surrounds the spa with cheerful, stylish and cozy facilities. It features a well-rounded program with fitness exercises and ”discovery” such as Ayurveda sessions, meditation and yoga. Their lakeside facility offers water sports such as boating, kayaking and hydro-biking. One cannot miss their culinary program headed by Chef Stephane Beaucamp offering delicious organic cuisine. Last but not least, they offer an amazing oasis of spa treatments with around 100 treatments in a variety.

5. Harem Escape, Marrakech, Morocco

Harem Escape is a luxury Moroccan getaway especially for women who love to pamper themselves. It comes with everything a wellness retreat can have; from spa treatments, yoga, meditation, gorgeous settings, poolside lounges and organic fine dining, it is a small ”heaven”. Harem Escape is equipped to be an oriental paradise where visitors and travelers get encouragement to leave their daily stresses behind. It is a stress relieving magical place. Nestled on 24 acres of desert grounds, Harem escape makes for an intimate property with just nine rooms. All inclusive prices start at $545 per head, per night.

6. Coworth Park Hotel and Spa, England

Detoxify in ”Downton abbey” style, at the magnificent Coworth Park Hotel and spa in Ascot, England. The spa has on offers, an array of services such as traditional English rituals of horseback riding and afternoon tea. For those who fancy English traditions and relaxation styles, this five – star Hotel is the perfect getaway. Enjoy the healthy meals, garden walks and relaxing spa treatments.

7. Spa Eastman, Quebec

The natural beauty surrounding the spa is a sight to behold. Visitors can detoxify in mind, body and soul at this Nordic-style spa in Quebec. Amongst their offers include; thermotherapy at Eastman-les-bains and spa treatments, outdoor activities and gourmet healthy food. They offer a health and wellness immersion package which provides meetings with kinesiologist and nutritionist for an ultimate experience.

The above list covers the top 7 wellness retreats; these are getaways that urge visitors to search inwards and treat vacation as a time to detoxify the mind, body and soul. From Buddhist meditations that encourage simplicity to yoga and health resorts that add luxury with personal wellness, wellness retreats have something for everyone, No matter the time limit whether it is for two days or two weeks they offer much more than a regular vacation.

Even the shortest of breaks can trigger a renewed sense of energy and well-being. Choose to spend a reprieve at a wellness retreat and watch your physical and mental fitness reach new heights.


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