What to Do When on a Majorca Holiday


It is perhaps the largest of all the Balaeric Islands, and happens to be one of the most popular choices for a holiday destination among people in the UK.  However, there are also other individuals from certain parts of the world who travel to Majorca to experience something totally unique.  It offers a nice climate, a great set of beaches to relax and have fun in, as well as numerous attractions and activities that will truly take up a lot of time in enjoyment.  While the beaches are arguably the most popular reasons as to why people from all over the globe travel to Majorca, there’s more beyond this.  In fact, below are a few of the things that one can do when going on a vacation to Majorca.

  • Attending fiestas– There are a lot of fiestas taking place all throughout the year in Majorca.  What’s make it even better is that each one of these festivals is different in nature, yet the formula remains the same – there’s awesome music to dance to, beautiful traditional costumes to admire and a lot of fireworks to stare at in awe and amazement.  This would perhaps be one of the many ways in which a person on holiday would be introduced to how things go down in Majorca.
    Fiestas in Alaro

    Fiestas in Alaro

  • A great shopping experience – If one wishes to indulge in a bit of shopping, there’s no better place to do so in Majorca than in Palma.  It offers some of the best retail outlets, ranging from up-market stores, boutiques, malls and even hypermarkets.  This proves to be a shopper’s paradise, and if anybody wishes to take a stroll around the local markets, it will be pleasing to know that every town in Majorca will have so much to offer.  Traditional markets such as those found in Majorca’s medieval town, Sineu, will provide shoppers with everything they can possibly imagine, ranging from livestock to arts & crafts.
  • Just golfing around – Majorca happens to be a golfer’s paradise as well, with 20 courses scattered all over the place.  Each one of them poses a different challenge, and will most likely give golfers a run for their money as well.  Regardless of lodging, those who are into the sport will most likely find a golf course just within proximity of their hotels or resorts.
  • Hiking up the mountains – There are certainly many vacationers who would love to take a stroll around natural environments, and Majorca can certainly provide this.  The islands offer highly beautiful surroundings, including the S’Albufera Nature Park.  In here, one can expect a great collection of plant life as well as animals which can truly capture their imaginations.  However, for those who would like to go to the extreme, the Tramuntana mountain range is home to some of Majorca’s highest peaks.  Mountaineers and hikers alike who love a challenge will be rewarded with such magnificent vistas and majestic scenery.

These are just some of the things that vacations can look forward to engaging in when visiting Majorca.

Leslie loves hill walking and writing his routes on the web. Click on Leslie’s Guide to Majorca to know more details about the largest destination in Balaeric Islands.

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