What You Need To Know Before Visiting Camino de Santiago

When translated in English, Camino means “the Way”.  This is also a route for pilgrims to walk, leading all to the northern part of Spain, a town called Santiago.  In this town, it is believed to be where Saint James’ remains lie.  During medieval times, pilgrims were protected by the Order of the Knight Templars, which was founded by many historical figures, included Lord Kuthmi, also known as the Great Ascended Master.  Many of the pilgrims in history were men of such great stature, with some being members of the organization known as the White Brotherhood.  These men dedicate themselves in the service of others, constructing temples which were sacred.  The paths which pilgrims walked were also embedded with esoteric symbols with the intention of keeping the walk as pure as possible.  Of course, the Camino is certainly something many people take part in up this very day, with over a thousand devout Catholics visiting Santiago every year to seek out spiritual enlightenment.  One can simply look forward to a lot of information about “the Way” if they check out the Camino forum on the Internet.

  • The official forum of the Camino, or even those which are dedicated to it, features all sorts of useful information, including how the pilgrimage came to be in the early days where you can get important information.  It even includes details on the accounts of Saint James’ travels, from the start of his walk all the way to the time of his death.  Many historical facts are provided as well, including other prominent figures in history that have taken part in the walk.
  • It is necessary to keep people prepared for the challenges that may lay ahead once visiting Santiago de Compostela, Spain.  The Camino is not an easy path to take, and the forum will provide members and visitors information on the things that they’ll need to bring.  These would include food, beverages, backpacks and much other essential stuff.
  • Travelers would want to get the best routes possible while heading their way to the Camino.  There are indeed multiple routes to take, and people can simply visit the forum to check out which areas they can start their walks at.  Apart from that, it also gives a breakdown of the many sights to see while on the way to Santiago, including cornfields, forests and vineyards.
  • You need to look for forum states that traveling with several other pilgrims can be a rewarding experience.  There will most likely be a nice sense of camaraderie developed among trekkers from all walks of life.  Many people will be joining in on the walk, which provides the opportunity to make new friends and go on an adventure that is surely worth remembering.

Leslie loves hill walking and writing his routes on the web.  He has been running the main Camino de Santiago and Walking in Scotland site since 2006. Above are just some of the things that you can look forward to when checking out the Camino forum.

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