Why Leaving On A Jet Plane Without Insurance Is Foolish

With the holiday season in full swing most of you will be planning and packing.  Getting ready for your holiday is part of the fun.  What will you take? Can you fit it all in your suitcase? And then there is the constant weather checking just to make sure that you will have better weather than everyone back at home.

So what do you need to remember before you leave on a jet plane?

Travel insurance

Don’t leave the UK without travel insurance.  Even if you are only abroad for a few nights.  It is vital that you have travel insurance and there are some fantastic deals out there.  But make sure you answer all questions as honestly as possible.  What may seem like an innocent answer could mean that you are not eligible for treatment when you are abroad.  Don’t risk it.


If you are heading somewhere hot then you will want to stock up on sunscreen.  Make sure that you start your holiday off with a high SPF. Burnt skin is not a fashion accessory.

First aid kit

It is always handy to pack a little first aid kit when you go away.  Include plasters, antiseptic cream and wipes, re-hydration sachets and mosquito spray.  It may seem like a lot of extra effort but when you have blisters or a poorly tummy it most certainly won’t be wasted.

Mobile phone insurance

If you plan on taking your phone abroad with you, and let’s face it, who leaves their phone at home these days? Then you will need mobile phone insurance.  When on holiday or traveling, phones can easily be lost or stolen.  Leave your bag on the side of a chair during dinner and you may be the victim of a pick-pocketer.  Take a boat ride across a stunning lake and you may lose it overboard.

Taking out mobile phone insurance is essential whether you are planning to go on holiday or not.  But if you don’t yet have it, and are due to go away, then make sure you get it.  It will cover you for a whole variety of things including, cracked screens, stolen phones, lost phones, unauthorised calls, accidental damage and breakdown.

You never need to worry about not having a phone, or the money to pay for a new one, and mobile phone insurance is literally as cheap as chips.


Before you leave for the airport you may want to check the luggage laws.  If packing lightly is a foreign concept to you then ensure you have checked the airlines restriction.  Remember that not every airline has the same rules on the weight and size of luggage, so if you are flying with a different airline you may want to double check their website.

Under lock and key

Don’t forget to keep your house safe whilst you are away.  Lock your windows and doors and ask a neighbour if they can keep an eye on your house whilst you are gone.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

By Rob Rudd

Rob Rudd enjoys writing for technology and gadgetry websites. He lives with his wife and 3 children on the south coast of England.

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