Winter Holiday Ideas

Trying to firm up some plans for the winter holiday season? If so, you have plenty of options to choose from. Regardless of whether you feel like staying home and taking part in all that the season has to offer in your own area, or you want to venture away for a relaxing get-away, you have a multitude of options.  Let’s look at some of the top winter holiday ideas for you to consider.
Relax On The Beach
If you want to escape the cold and spend the holidays relaxing on a beach, you’ll want to check out Cape Verde, which is just a short way away and offers sandy beaches that stretch for miles for you to unwind on and bring in the New Year with a glowing tan.  This area offers wave sailing, local shopping, and surfing, so you’ll be sure to have plenty to entertain yourself with.  Other great options if you are looking to spend time on the beach include Barbados, Gambia, or the Canary Islands. In all of these locations you will be treated to warm weather that should ensure you enjoy your stay.

Take In City Life
More interested in spending the holidays shopping, taking in shows, and experiencing the city life? If so, escaping to Guatemala City might be more of a top option for you. This area offers numerous restaurants and clubs or bars that will liven up your holidays and give you an experience to remember for years to come.  With the bright lights of the season abound, you’ll definitely get into the festive spirit here.  They also offer a festival complete with fireworks, parades, and dancing shows that starts up on December 13 and carries on through the holidays.  Alternatively, if you’d rather go somewhere a little closer, consider checking out Budapest in Hungary. With numerous Christmas markets that will get you in the spirit quickly, you can’t go wrong planning your vacation here.

Test Your Skiing Talents
Want more action and adventure? If you are someone who isn’t afraid of a little cold and would rather spend the holidays skiing, you might want to venture over to Slovakia, where you can take in all this area has to offer with its breath-taking mountain views and winter-related activities.  From skiing to snowboarding to snowshoeing, there will be no shortage of options to be had here, all of which will not only provide entertainment, but help keep you in great shape as well.


If you aren’t such a fan of winter climates and would prefer non-snow activities, consider venturing to Israel. This area will have you going about various hiking paths as you can take in all the scenery this area has to offer.
So if you want to get some adventure this holiday season, turn to these great vacation choices. You can definitely make it a Christmas to remember if you plan your vacation wisely and think about what it is you want to spend your time doing, you can find some very good last minute deals so all you have to think about is your currency exchange depending on where you go.

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